Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The Lord never does cease to answer our prayers. I apologize that my recent emails have been lagging. I suppose their is just too much to say and not enough time.
I wanted to briefly tell you about a couple of people we picked up this week and update you on some others.
We found a new woman named Christy who is the sweetest thing on planet earth. She reminds me so much of Sarah and Amber, two women I have previously taught. So submissive and humble. She grew up in church, but stopped pursuing it as she got older. Recently her two daughters have expressed a desire to attend church and so she has been getting much much more interested. A few days later, we knocked on the door. Its been a while trying to meet with her but things finally worked out. It was kind of a crazy lesson with all her kids running around, but it worked out well. She even let us wash her dishes! Score! Even with everything going on she definitely felt the spirit. She said the first vision gave her a feeling of hope that God is there and is watching over her. Such a great moment.
The other update I wanted to give was Meg. Her divorce proceedings have been as bad as she predicted, and all is barely being held together. We were finally able to meet with her, and shared how the savior can ease our burdens though Reading, praying, church, and covenants, and she was amazed. She would often laugh while we were teaching, and when we asked why, she said, "You are wise beyond your years." We extended the baptismal invitation and she said, "I already was baptized, but I have been wanting to get rebaptized, because I have a feeling the first one wasn't done right." Explained that feeling was because the priesthood wasn't restored yet and everything clicked. She isn't on date yet, because of all going on, but stay tuned.
PLEASE keep all of our investigators in your prayers. We have an awesome teaching pool, but all of them are going through very difficult obstacles that make their progression difficult.
Bonus story!!: We got picked up as investigators. Yes. You read that right. We got let in to this awesome young couples house, and they were preaching so hard core. The husband was on one topic and verse and the wife was on another. I had no idea where they were going. Apparently anything not written by Paul wasn't written to us, therefore we don't need to follow it. Ten commandments? Sermon on the mount? all irrelevant. They even gave us a pamphlet, a book to read with their number in it, and wrapped it up with an invitation to church and a bible study. Sound familiar? Just give them a preach my gospel and they are set to go!!
Life is good as always. The most difficult part of these last weeks is realizing how much is yet to be done, and worse yet realizing that it can't all be accomplished in 6 weeks. I am learning that the work never really is done. My mission may not end wrapped up like a Christmas present with a bow, but I can give it all I have. I wish I could do more, but I know that the grace of the Savior will complete my offering. Here is to being a finisher!
Elder Wheat

Ever heard of Marne? Neither has anyone else haha

Happy Snow day!!!!

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