Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 4 2/24/14


I am starting to think Sarah Ford must have walked on water here. Everyone I have talked to about her thinks that she has never sinned. President Hess said in a meeting with the AP's, and I quote, "the only thing we have to worry about with sister ford is that she might get translated before the next transfer." When I tell people that I am her cousin, I think they expect me to have a halo and a flaming sword, and you can imagine there disappointment when they just get me. haha

This week has been incredible and SO much has happened. Tuesday was Zone Conference and learned a ton. One thing I've been doing is working on sanctifying myself further so that the spirit can testify more powerfully as I teach. I fasted and made a list of all the things I need to improve on and am staying away from all of those things and we can already see the effects. 

We actually picked up a couple investigators while tracting of all things. We knocked into this foster family, and they were super open to learn more. They are parents to about 50 boys, and I am praying that we see success with this family. We have been teaching this older lady named Yevonne, who is basically the black grandma I never had. She has been investigating for about 2 years and we got her to pray about baptism on March 22. I am really hoping and praying that that works out!

We were sitting in the church parking lot waiting for an appointment who never showed, and so we decided to go knocking doors. We knocked about 10 houses and NO ONE was home on the whole street so we had to find something else to do. We decided to just start calling people we didn't recognize in our phone and so far we have gotten 5 appointments for this week with potential investigators. Now instead of listening to music in the car, we just call people ahah It was super awkward at first but now it is actually really fun. This allows us to always have our line in the water, and it is awesome how the lord blesses you when you do all that you can. We knocked on one door and we asked if she had a faith in Christ and she said,"NOT TODAY!"
 Elder Yates says,"Aw man... What about yesterday?" She said "You need to get off my porch" We smiled and said "Ok!" and she slammed the door. It was AWESOME!

We have been visiting a ton of less actives and are seeing good success. We got 4 less actives to come to church yesterday, and have picked up a new investigator from one of them! Our goal with every person we talk to is just to make them feel awesome. We visit people and listen to there stories, and within 20 minutes, I am filled with love for them!! I now know what it means to desire someones salvation, and the thought that any of these people should live with out the gospel scares and upsets me. I've noticed that the more we listen, the more they trust us. They more they trust us, the more willing they are to listen to our message.

We visited a less active yesterday named Sharla. She hasn't been to church because of some personal trials, but this lady is awesome and has some wicked spiritual gifts. She receives revelation through VISIONS!! She was telling us her conversion story and it was almost unreal!! Three times she prayed for guidance in her life, and every time,she had a crazy dream and the missionaries knocked on her door the next day! Her husband isn't a member and we are hoping that we get to teach him. Apparently she is an incredible cook, and she makes incredible mexican and indian food, and my stomach growls just thinking about it.

The lord is working miracles in our life everyday. Everyday is incredibly hard, but I always go to bed happy. I have found that my only bad days will be days that I didn't give my all to the service of my God. I can do nothing without him, and if you don't believe that just try serving a mission!!

I love you all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for me!

Elder Wheat

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/17/14 First Week in Michigan!!

Greetings from Battle Creek Michigan!!!!

It is a small town which is best known as the home of Kellogs! Safe to say that I have never had so much cereal in my life!! My faith in Global warming is decreasing, considering their is 5 feet of snow on the ground and Im just getting used to the idea that being cold is just normal! There is a lot of poverty here, and its almost painful to see the effect it has on these people. It has made a lot of people here go somewhat crazy. As we knock on doors, it is always a surprise of who answers. We have had a couple doors slammed in our face which is awesome, but all in all, door knocking has gotten us NOWHERE!!!!

My companion is Elder Yates! Hes super fun and goofy, and is either singing, working out, or studying which I love!!!! He is a really great missionary and I am learning a lot from him!
The first few days have been really tough for me. We have no solid investigators, so we have resorted to finding. A LOT! I was getting really frustrated and upset. Honestly, it was all I could do to keep from crying at night because it just felt like we were getting nowhere. I kept reading Dad's letters and notes to me and that has really helped me to stay strong. On saturday during comp study, we decided it was time to find a new approach in finding solid investigators, the members! We decided that we need to start visiting more less actives and use them as a finding tool, because as much fun as door knocking is, it is really ineffective. I know now that that is the answer, because an area 70 came to church yesterday and lovingly laid into the ward council about being member missionaries. He  spoke on the Power of the Book of Mormon in sacrament, and the High council speaker said, "Something amazing is about to happen," in his talk, and that Hit me. Something amazing is going to happen in this ward. I can just feel it. We are beggining to help the members make family mission plans, and we can see their excitement growing. I am so thankful to have come from a family of missionaries, because I am always telling of our experiences with missionary work. I often talk about Kelsey, Nikki, and Destiny as proof that member missionaries get the most work done!!
Another thing getting beaten into me is the Book of Mormon. SO MANY people have emphasized including the Book of Mormon in every aspect of the work, including the Holy Ghost. I have been reading it again since I got here, marking everytime it references Jesus Christ, and in the first 12 chapters, I counted 249 mentions of him. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ more powerfully than any other book. The feelings and impressions I have been getting while reading have been life changing, and it is hard to put it down. When I read, all my doubts, frustrations, and sorrows are gone. I become filled with love for these people here, and my testimony is strengthened. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that this is the Lord's work and not my own. That is the secret to happiness in missionary work. The moment you focus on the Lord, and on the people, it becomes the most fun thing you have ever done. When I serve, I dont feel the cold or the frustration. I dont see these people as different, I see them as brothers and sisters. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but somehow I am just happy. I cant wait to get back out there to find those that the lord has prepared!! 
Elder Wheat 



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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Its been a crazy roller coaster week here at the MTC, but I have learned a ton!

Well first things first, I got the bag and the cookies, as well as some donuts from Charlene so thank you very much!! Please tell her thank you so much! Unfortunately I sprained my ankle playing basketball so I was on crutches for a few days but no worries! Im pretty much all better but its still got some pretty colors on it from the bruising haha. Elder Giar and I were called as zone leaders which has been a major blessing. We serve in the same zone as the ASL missionaries, and they taught me the missionary purpose in sign language! I am getting pretty good at it! My branch presidency is absolutely unbelievable, and my district is unreal. The spirit has been so strong especially these last few days. 

We have been teaching 2 investigators, which in reality are glorified role plays. I learned that the spirit will not be there to help you teach if you have not prepared in the best way that you could have. We have had a couple poor lessons but its been good to know that this is practice. I feel like I'm becoming more sensitive to the spirit with every lesson I teach. Earlier in the week, we were teaching a guy named Nick, who is a really hard nosed military guy. Normally, he does't open up to elders, but we started talking about working out and he opened right up for us. The lessons we teach him go really well, but afterwards he starts attacking all organized religion, calling it pointless and hypocritical. He pulls out all these stats about the members of the church to make us look evil.No matter how many scriptures we used, or how much he testified, nothing worked. Everything he would say to us would stick in my mind, and it honestly led me to doubt. It was a major struggle, but with the help of my teachers, Ive made it through and my testimony of this Gospel is stronger than ever!

I never new what charity was until I came here, but after all these experience, it hurts me to think that people will reject this message, because they are rejecting true peace, freedom, and joy. How blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives!! I have seen the power of grace and the spirit change the hearts and attitudes of Elder Giar and I! 

I love you guys so much. The general authority devotional given by Elder Evans was on eternal families, and it brought so much peace to know that we can be together forever! This is a great place and a great work, and I look forward to bringing it to the people of Michigan!

Love you! 
Elder Wheat

Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Letter!!! 1/31/14

Hey Mom and Dad!

It is almost unreal strong the spirit is here in the MTC. I have never felt it like this at any time in my life! But i made it here and i am safe so mom can stop worrying now! They feed us well and my district is incredible! My companion is Elder Giar, the same Elder Giar we had dinner with at the Shorr's house last month! These last few days have strengthened my testimony of the lords plan for us. I am supposed to be here with Elder Giard, and with my district. All these fine young men and their testimonies have strengthened me and my testimony and half truly brought the spirit into my life.

Being here has been a truly humbling experience for me. I honestly came in thinking I was going to be an excellent teacher and a model missionary. It amazes me how wrong I was. Our first "teaching experiences" were on Wednesday night. We taught 3 investigators in companionships of about 50 missionaries. For the first 2 people, I felt like I had all the answers. I felt like I knew there needs and could effectively teach what they needed to hear. I felt like I had it down! But then came the third investigator named 3Jae. He was a Samoan young man who recently came to BYU from Stanford to help his best friend with some family issues. This poor guy's heart was so hard. He shut down every missionary who tried to help him or break through. He said that he hated it in Provo because everyone just seemed so fake. He called into question our testimonies that God was real, and I felt like this was my chance. I testified as well as I could that God does live, and that this can only be known through sincere prayer. I challenged him to pray and ask and he bluntly said NO. I was shocked! I was ready to respect his agency and give up. Then another Elder in the room stood up. He said, "3Jae, my name is Elder so and so, and you said you felt like everyone shows you fake love. Well I LOVE YOU. I have barely met you, but I love you. We could have been best friends in the preexistence and you begged me to come find you. No matter how much you resist or say no. You begged me to keep trying until you believe. Jesus showed he loved his disciples by washing their feet and I will do the same for you. I will wash your feet. I will clip your toenails. I will give you my food. I will do anything for you because I love you!" I looked over at 3Jae and he had broken down in tears. He finally opened up to us and told us all. His heart was softened by the love shown by that one elder.

I have learned 2 things from that. One is that I should never give up on anyone, no matter how hard they may be. They are my brother or sister, and they need me to help them come unto Christ. So I will NEVER give up on anyone. Second is that love cannot be expressed in words. True love is an action. For God so LOVED the world that he GAVE his only begotten son. If ye LOVE me, KEEP my commandments. If I am to help anyone come unto Christ, I must have and show sincere love toward them. If they feel that love, they will be softened enough to let the light of Christ shine through. 

These last couple days have been life changing. I can honestly say I know what its like to forget yourself. I have developed such love for my companion and my district that it has completely filled my heart. This is such an incredible place. I realize that it is impossible for me to do this work alone. These last few days have shown me my weakness, and I know that as long as I have his help and grace, my weaknesses can become strengths. 

I miss you and love you so much! I am doing my best to make you proud! Its hard to be away from my family for two years, but I am happy do it so others can be with theirs for eternity. 
I love you!
Elder Wheat