Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In walked the Geer family to church with there 20 year old daughter. The talked to us briefly and said, "By the way, this is Andrea and she is interested in joining the church. She even knows who she wants to baptize her, all she needs is the lessons." We were obviously pretty pumped about that.
It's been a great week. I have been praying for the Lord to remove the stumbling blocks of our investigators and he is answering. Mike Hebert is 77 and has a tough time retaining, but he is coming to church every week, poured out all his coffee without us reminding him, and even paid tithing yesterday. He is a different man than the one we found 2 months ago. I look forward to seeing what else will be done this week.
Reason number 789385 that I love Elder Cornelison. The man is always trying to improve. This week we found a new approach to door knocking and he was giving me suggestions to improve like a seasoned pro. We have seen a ton of success with it this week and are looking forward to getting back to work.
If I am being completely honest, the only time I am happy really is when I am working. It is the great secret to missionary service. I am doing the best that I can and not looking back. We will have some great stories to tell this next week.
Elder Wheat

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