Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'm training.... AGAIN!!!! 12/14/15

Ok... well I am not really training... but my son is.. and I get to help until I go home!! I really look forward to being in a trio again. I feel like I am just going to be that awkward grandpa that's staying at your house for Christmas... and they just can't wait for you to leave haha But man am I proud of Elder Cornelison.. The man is prepared, no doubts about it. 

The work slowed down this week... but things will be improving. We have a lot of good potentials waiting to be picked up. The next two weeks are going to be crazy with going to the temple tomorrow, picking up the new missionary on Thursday, zone conference the next Wednesday, and Christmas shortly following that... I am just looking forward to working. I had an experience this week where I became very overwhelmed with all that I have left undone. I was very frustrated by all I still hold back, but after prayer and study, I had a realization. We can be holding nothing back in the Lord's service and still be imperfect, as long as we are still trying. This is what the Savior died for. If there is ever evidence that the Savior can cover for and complete our offerings. it would be my life and my mission. 

Life is good. I have been so blessed in the Lords service. Yesterday I got to see Jennifer and Maddi again, and it is seriously like seeing family.. I am so thankful I came to Michigan... I thank the Lord every day. Sorry this is so short.. I will do better next week... I love you all!!

Elder Wheat

The District

Gotta love Michigan sunsets. If there is anything good about rain, it usually brings a view like this.

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