Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This week has been a flurry of experiences and emotions, and it amazes me how fast I forget. I will start with the more casual yet wonderful experiences, and will conclude with the more sacred.
This week, Elder Cornelison picked up his first son Elder Boyack. He is 20 years old from a place called Monmouth, Oregon near Salem. He loves singing, ukelele, and exercise so safe to say we get along wonderfully well. He is a good kid. Have to be honest though, it is so weird being in a trio, especially when I am not the senior companion. It will be a growing experience for me to simply sit back and observe in a companionship. Elder Cornelison has been super impressive. The growth, maturity, and confidence I have seen in him over the last week has been insane to see. He is a different man than he was even a week ago. He has helped me to see that I have so much to improve.
We were only able to work only 2 days in the area this week, but we saw an awesome miracle. We had an appointment with a part member family, and we weren't sure what to expect. Usually it goes that the non member spouse isn't interested and you end up sharing a short spiritual thought, but this one was different. Not only did they keep the appointment, but they made us the BEST quesadilla I have ever had, and they invited there Daughter and 2 grandkids who wanted to learn. The member just moved in 3 months ago and didn't know where or when church was. His wife has investigated before and already knows the church is true by the power of the Holy Ghost. Their daughter asked US how to download the Gospel Library app, and their grandkids, ages 8 and 9 are the cutest things on earth. The basically said, "Hi! Nice to meet you! Please come in, eat our food, and teach our family." That is LITERALLY the missionary dream. Picking up 4 new investigators is not a bad way to finish off our greenie's first day.
Now for the special part of the week. On Tuesday, I got to go to the temple with the departing missionaries, many of whom are very close friends of mine. It was one of the best days of my life. It was filled with the Holy Ghost, and I won't ever forget it. There is something special about being with a faithful and obedient group of missionaries who have served faithfully. It was an honor to be with them. Being in the temple... there are no words. It just felt so good to be home. That truly is a house of God. For those who don't know, the temple is very special to us as members of the church. It is the closest we can get to being in heaven in this life. The only place that comes close is the home. I went with the intention of going to the Lord, and asking him if he had accepted my offering, but I didn't even need to ask before I got my answer. The entire time I was there, I had a fire in my heart that seemed to whisper, "You already know."
I honestly don't understand why the Lord would accept me sometimes. My character has so many holes and my effort often has so many lapses. There is so much I yet lack. All I can pray is that I have become everything the Lord has wanted me to be through my mission. I was reminded this week of a truth I learned previously. The longer I serve the Lord, the more I become aware of the immense distance between the Lord and I, yet, ironically, I feel closer to him than at any time in my life. I love him. I owe Him everything. I wish my actions would reflect the desires and feelings of my heart, but I suppose that is what life is all about! That's why a Savior was born.
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. In the most recent Ensign, Elder D. Todd Christofferson suggested that we all take a moment to be still, and just think of nothing else than the serenity of that first Christmas night. Forget everything that will happen in his subsequent life, and yours, and realize that He was the Son of God. By so doing you will remember that you are a child of God also :) Love you all!!
Elder Wheat

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