Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Guess who got to go on a blitz with his second mission son???? THIS ELDER!!!!! It was so cool to get to spend the day with Elder Johnson to see how much he has grown these last few months since I left Houghton Lake. The man is on fire and his desires have changed dramatically. He is a totally different man than he was, and thats not to say he was bad before... because he was awesome. He's just changed... Oh man. So cool to see. Its the closest thing I've gotten to feeling Fatherly pride in this life. Looking forward to feeling it for real :)

I just wanted to share a quick experience this week that impacted me. Breana and Jerry are progressing really well. We had a super intense, but powerful lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Breana has been dealing with so very heavy guilt, and it all came out in that lesson. She spent the whole hour in tears, but we were able to comfort her and help her feel better. She volunteered to say it, and said, "Father, I want to be like you. And I know what I did wasn't like you. Please help me to be better." It was one of the most Childlike prayers I have ever heard and still makes me want to cry. In the words of the Savior, "Except ye become converted, and be as little Children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." I strive for that kind of devotion and love. 

Recently the quorom of the 12 petitioned the Lord for what they needed to share with the world as they went abroad to preach, and the answer was to exhort the saints to deepen personal conversion. Conversion has been a theme of my mission for many personal reasons, and I have learned some of things about what conversion means. To be converted means to be as a child (Matt 18:3) or in other words submissive to our Father (Mosiah 3:19). The Natural man looks inward and only seeks instant self gratification (wanting what we want NOW), while the Saviors first impression is to look outward and serve others. Likewise, "those who are filled with the love of God are not content with blessing their own family alone, but will be anxious to bless the whole human race." It is not enough for us to say we are converted to Jesus Christ, and make our top priority self agrandisement. The first impulse of the converted and the changed is to share what has brought them so much joy (1 Nephi 8:12, Alma 36:24, Mosiah 28:3). Therefore, we can measure our personal conversion by our individual desire to share the gospel. When we seek to elevate others, the work itself tends to elevate us. Let us seek to lift those hands that hang down, and save the souls drowning in a world of sin. The only happy life is a life devoted to seeking the glory of god, or in other words seeking the immortality and eternal life of each other. 

I wish I could say I was perfect at this, but I am always reminded that it is a process. Only the Savior can transform us, but he can only change a heart that is given to him. My prayer is that I can truly give all my heart and soul to the one who has made me all that I am.

Love you all 

Elder Wheat

Love my boy!!! Eating our traditional companionship totinos pizza


So, have you ever had a member go off in a lesson about the knee high water baptism of Constantine's armies and the fall of Lucifer and war in heaven in a restoration? I now have haha We have to greatest member missionary family on planet earth named the Reeds, who gave us 3 of the coolest referrals on earth. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned lesson was with Brittnee, the super solid girl from last week. It was a super rough lesson, but thank goodness for the power of the Holy Ghost which over comes those weaknesses in teaching. The coolest part of that lesson though, had to be Aubrieanna bearing her testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel. It is such a special thing to listen to one of your converts bear testimony, and definitely a confirmation to my own testimony. 

SO!!! Who wants to hear about some super crazy miracles?????

We have been teaching a young man with Asperger's syndrome who's mom just joined the church, though he wanted nothing to do with us. He finally started sitting in on the lessons midway through last transfer. We ended up switching our focus to him, and when we shared the first vision, he said he felt a chill run through him. When we invited him to be baptized, however, he said no, so we invited him to think and pray about it. The next lesson we followed up with his desire, and he said he wants to be baptized.... in 3 years when he moves out and gets a girl friend. The next lesson he said, "I want to be baptized sooner, I am just not sure when." This last lesson, he decided he wanted to be baptized on June 6. What the heck???? I know that the Lord is the only one that can change hearts, because we did absolutely nothing to make this happen. To be honest, I didn't think he was ready for the gospel at first, but the Lord changed all that real quick. Such an awesome young man! I love him to death!!!

Second miracle is a young woman named Kate. I believe I've written about her before in past emails, but I wanted to update you all on her progression. She was another one who I was wondering was going to pan out, but she has taken huge steps forward. Last week we put her on a baptismal date, and we were a little nervous about teaching the Word of Wisdom because she didn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith. We followed up with that testimony, and she said she believed he was a "good man." She had some concerns that were resolved in that lesson, and by the end, she believed that he was a prophet and committed to live the word of wisdom. Again... What the heck???? Nothing we said or done could have made this work. 

The Last miracle I will write about is the craziest of all. We don't drive our cars on Saturday, but we were called to do some unexpected service for a member. They came and picked us up, but on the drive back, we get a called from Brother Reed which basically went like this: "Elders, this is Gary Reed." "Hey Brother Reed, Hows it going?" "I have 2 investigators sitting on my porch that would like to meet some missionaries. Do you know where I can find some missionaries?" "Certainly! We will be there in 4 minutes!" Just the fact we were already in car with a way to get to there was a miracle in and of itself, but when we arrived, we were introduced to a wonderful couple with, "Elders, this is Brianna, she is ready to be baptized." "Oh... awesome! We can definitely take care of that for ya!" They have investigated for a loooong time already in another ward, but Brianna is now ready to go. She already reads the book of mormon daily and is a regular attender at church. We taught them 2 days in a row, and they are the greatest people ever!! They have the most child-like faith, and their love for the Gospel is contagious. She has had a crazy history. She was adopted out of communist Romania when she was 3 and has been through a ton, and was in tears when we told her about the meaning of baptism. She has tons of awesome questions and when we taught about the Celestial Kingdom, she said, "I want to go there so bad!" Her husband Jerry is a little more reserved, but its been cool to see him open up over the course of the lessons we have had. Again I say, WHAT THE HECK??? 

The Lord is pouring out his spirit upon this area, and I am so thankful to be caught in the current. This is the Lords work. He is making things happen that I have absolutely no control. I know that the gospel is true, because it works. Not only in my life, but in the lives of everyone that I have seen try. Its fruits are not always seen immediately, but the slow process of spiritual growth allows the roots to grow deeper, and the stronger the root, the sweeter the fruit. I know that this is true! I love you all!

Elder Wheat 

Monday, April 13, 2015


A few weeks ago, I received a blessing, and in that blessing, it was said that a great work was about to happen in the Lansing area that the adversary wanted to stop. That work is beginning.

This week was very hectic but very fun. Until Thursday we had 6 elders in the appartment. We pretty much had no room to sleep, but it was a ton of fun. The miracles began however on Friday. At the end of our weekly planning session, we received to referrals that we set up appointments for that day. Before that however, we had an appointment with a potential who had stood us up twice now. This time, as we approached the house, there was an asbestos inspector on the neighboring house. I was debating whether we should talk to him, when he called out to us saying, "What church are you from?" We answered, and talked for a second, when the passing cars became to loud. He shouted, "Hold on! I'll be right down." He came down and told us about how he had been reading and loving the Book of Mormon. We taught him a 5 minute Restoration lesson pretty much, and bore our testimony that if the Book of Mormon is true, that the Church of Jesus Christ had been restored and he needed to be baptized. He said, "of course the Book of Mormon is true! Everyone knows that! How could it not be! So many churches veer off on their own thing, but the Book of Mormon stays on the right path. So sweet haha He sadly lives in the Detroit Mission boundaries, but that guy is elect.

Following that experience we went to see one of the referrals we received named Dominick. He is a super sweet guy with very little religious back ground but is super solid. We taught him the restoration and at the end he said, "Something is telling me God wants me to look into this. I feel like I am going to learn something from it." He came to church on Sunday and really liked it! Afterwards, he said, "I think I am going to come back next week. What am I talking about, I am coming back next week." Super awesome tender mercy. As we walked out of that appointment, we stopped a guy on his bike who had met with missionaries before and is super excited for us to come back. At this point, we were thinking, "Why is everyone we are talking to super elect?" haha The Lord is good.

We went from there to see a woman named Danielle, who is a less active member who was referred to us by her family in Washington. She is the Prodigal Daughter who had hit rock bottom and finally was ready to come home. She is 30 years old, and is a single mother of 5 children under the age of 10. They were absolutely destitute. They had no furniture or anything for that matter in the house. It would be a tragic thing if her kids were not the most adorable and happy things on planet earth. It was such a special thing to just be with her family. The way they treated there mother, and how she looked at those kids was something beautiful. She told us of how she needed to get God back in her life and that she was ready to change. The kids were SO excited to get to go to church. Her son Julian said, "You mean we have to wait 2 whole days?! I am going to tell God to skip a day." One of the most special moments of my mission to feel that spirit of love in that home. They had absolutely nothing except their love, and that was enough to make those children happy. It was a powerful lesson. 

Church was awesome as well. About a month ago, I met a MSU student named Brittnee while we are getting our oil changed and had an awesome talk with her. A few days later her car breaks down, and a member in the ward picked her up. The member felt impressed to talk about church with her, and Brittnee said, "I just met a couple of missionaries a few days ago!! I think one of them was from California," and Sister Reed says, "Thats Elder Wheat!... Brittnee it is no coincidence you keep running into people like us. God needs you to look into this," and she said "absolutely." Sunday, as I am standing at the pulpit to give my talk, who do I see in the congregation? Brittnee. I just about swallowed my tie haha She absolutely loved church and is ready to be taught. So awesome.

When I was preparing for my talk, my prayer was that I would be able to touch at least one person in the congregation. I felt the spirit very powerfully in that talk and I learned a lot, but I noticed a woman in the back left corner next to the sister missionaries was weeping, and she continued to do it through the musical number and Elder Alley's talk. The sisters told us that everything that we said was exactly what their investigator needed to hear, and she couldn't help but cry. It was a special experience for me to know that the Lord spoke through me to touch the one.

It was a fantastic week and it is going to be a great transfer. Elder Alley pushes me to be better and is everything I ever prayed for in a companion. Let the Good times roll.

Elder Wheat

Got so see both my sons and my favorite district at Transfers!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Transfer Time! 4/6/15

Transfer Calls. I am getting.... Elder Alley!!! I am so crazy excited. He is from Centerville, UT, went to Viewmont High School, and is a major music guy. I was his district leader for a transfer when I was in Houghton Lake. He is also one of my best friends, and a man I admire and respect than perhaps anyone in this mission. Miracles are about to happen in Lansing. I know it. 

This week was a very crazy and exhausting, but all weeks are good weeks when you are a missionary :) Some miracles happened in the work that I wanted to tell you all about! We have an investigator named Katie who is very devout in her Christian faith, but when we asked her where she goes to church, she said a non denominational church... "for now." She has given her life to God, and is eager to find truth. However, something has been holding her back. She reads, she prays, but something has been keeping her from coming to church and giving her whole heart to this search. At first, she said it was because she is comfortable where she is, and is afraid to step out in faith, but something else still seemed to bother her. We have been praying that what ever it is would be made known, or resolved, but we have been making very slow progression with her. We taught her about a modern day prophet this week, and were able to resolve that concern, but there was still something more. That night we received a text from her, which said, "I have been praying a lot about this, and the reason I am not giving my whole heart is..." and she told us what has been holding her back. It was such a joyous experience to finally know how we can help her. It is interesting to see how the spirit softens hearts. Her never comes in with a sledge hammer, but gradually chips away at the stony mass, until a beautiful work of art is made. He is very careful and very good at what he does. He really is a master artist. I am thankful he hasn't given up on me. 

We had a lot of appointments show us up this week, but that's the nature of the work sometimes. We just keep trying, and keep improving, and God makes things happen. It amazes me that all of this works. Just think of that for a second... Jeffery R. Holland said in a conference to us, "What other church, what other business, what other institution, would turn its future over to 19 year olds?! It sounds insane! I don't think anyone would do it... except the Lord." He is so right. Whenever a question of whether or not this is real comes to my mind, I read in my journal of all the miracles that have been performed in my life and in the lives of those I've known, and I am reminded that there is no way a punk 19 kid from California could do this on his own. There has to be a greater force and being driving and moving this work forward. One of my favorite lines in conference was from Elder Anderson as he relayed a candid quote from President Monson. He said, "In the first presidency, we do everything we can to move this work forward, but this is the Lords work, he directs it, he is at the helm... We marvel as we watch him open doors we cannot open, and perform miracles we can scarcely imagine" This is how missionary work is. I am in awe at all the Lord has done, is doing, and is continuing to do through my mission. I do not intend to put myself down by saying this, but I am in deep gratitude and amazement that the Lord is willing to work with such an unprofitable servant as I. I don't fully know how, or even why, he does it, but I rejoice that he does, because I am forever changed because of it. 

Halelujah. I am filled with love for you all, and above all for my Savior. I can even begin to understand the magnitude of what he has done, the spirit makes me in awe who he is, and that he lives.

Elder Wheat

I love this guy! He has helped me grow and progress in remarkable ways! I will be forever thankful to his love and companionship these last three months

"I'm knoooocking in the rain, just knocking in the rain! What a glooooorius feeling I'm happy again!"


Before I report on my week, I feel impressed to share something I learned early in the week. As most of you reading these emails know, I had been going through some personal trials, that even though I was working hard and being obedient, I felt I was going back wards. I felt like I was losing everything I had worked so hard to gain. I was always praying to get back to where I was, when I realized something. Elder Jeppson often says that "You are exactly who God planned for you to be right now," and I thought, "Could this really be where God wants me to be?" So I asked him and the craziest thing happened. I received a strong assurance that even though I had felt like I was falling back, I was progressing exactly the way God wanted me to be. In our current state, we don't see the whole picture of what our Father wants us to become, but he does. Life isn't a matter of "Where do I want to be" but "Where does God need me to be." If we measure our success by where we want to be, we will always be found wanting, but if we counsel with the Lord on where he needs us to be, we can be confident and happy with who we are, no matter where we are in our progression. 

This week was very similar to last week in that Elder Jeppson and I were NEVER together haha I forgot he was my companion at one point haha Always on trade offs and always on blitzes but it has been a wonderful experience for me to see all the different types of missionary work. I will say though that I am wayyyy excited to get to focus on my own area for a week. It has been a miracle that we have been seeing as much success  as we have been. The Lord is good!

I was in Jonesville MI with one of our finest missionaries, Elder Haddock, and we saw tons of miracles for that area. We were able to track down quite a few of there investigators that have been missing for awhile, and put a few of them on date for baptism. One experience was a woman named Danielle (Who reminds me so much of Amber from Houghton Lake). When we got there, we hadn't hade an opportunity to plan what we were going to teach, so when we were invited to sit down, Elder Haddock looked at me and asked what we should teach. He told me we wanted to commit her to church and to meet with us more consistently, and I received a prompting to just listen to her and try to discern a need. When she sat down, it became very obvious very quickly what she needed: Rest. She told us of her struggles of being a young mom trying to raise a big family and that she was overwhelmed. The spirit took over both of us from there. We had such a powerful lesson with her on how Church Prayer and Reading (CPR) will help her find the rest she seeks, while enhancing her abilities as a mom. The coolest thing about teaching is being able to help someone realize that they are feeling the Holy Ghost. When we left, the spirit was there, and she wasn't tired anymore. She was ready to take on the world. I testify that if we seek the spirit, we will have enough energy to do everything and anything God asks us to do. 

Life has been great, and we are ready to see miracles happen here in Lansing. I love the work and I rejoice in all God is doing for me. He really does answer prayers. I am gaining appreciation for the little things, like crying with a recent convert because of the joy you both feel to have the gospel. When we only seek after the monumental experiences and miracles, we miss the workings of the Lord, for by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity," so this week, I challenge each of you to look for what Elder Jeppson calls "infinite moments." I love you all!! God bless you!

Elder Wheat

The Jonesville District!


Man does it feel good to be back. I have been praying a long time to feel this excitement and love again, and even though the answers often come in the 4th watch of the night they always come. 

This week has been full of trade offs and blitz's and Elder Jeppson and I have spent a grand total of 0 full proselyting days together this week. Tuesday, I was on a trade off with a former Assistant to the President, and as you can imagine, it is pretty hard to help train a missionary who you have looked up to your whole mission, but I learned a lot from him and without a doubt felt the spirit around him.

Wednesday I was with a young man named Elder Mcbride, who has become one of my best friends here in the mission. It was a very special trade off for me. He has been going through a lot lately, so it was a wonderful opportunity to feel the spirit together. When the spirit is present, I feel like you develop a much deeper connection with a person. It is as if spirit and soul can directly communicate with spirit and soul. Much was learned and felt on that trade off, and nothing could have made me happier than hearing him say, "This has been life changing, I just want to be better." It's moments like that that I love being a zone leader. 

Thursday and Friday were spent in the Holt, MI area where we blitzed the area. Thursday I was with Elder Crockett who is a greenie fire ball of energy. I have always been nervous to talk to everyone I see, but we found a ton of prepared people that would never have been found had we not stopped. Friday was with a Elder Baker who is hilarious. He is an older missionary who I greatly respect. Holt has been struggling for awhile, but after seeing there diligence and obedience, I can see why the area is exploding. 

Saturday was really cool, because we didn't get to do much proselyting, because we were going to baptisms all day. Bummer haha There is always a very special spirit around new converts. I love them so much. One of Elder Jeppson got to see one of his from up north and she took us out to lunch, so that was a very cool moment for him. In short, most of my happiness this week came from seeing other missionaries happy. haha There is something about this. One of my best friends out here puts it best, "There's a depth of friendship that I don't think I ever experience before my mission, that we often feel as missionaries. Maybe that's because we're more focused than ever on our Savior and our pursuit of becoming like Him. Or maybe it's because when we realize how incredibly difficult true discipleship is, we also come to respect and love those who have walked that path. When we see those that are truly refined, we know something of the refiners fire that they have gone through." It really is so true. I love the faithful and even the unfaithful missionaries of this world, and especially this zone.

Miracle of the week for us was a woman mom Victoria. Elder Jeppson knocked into her on Tuesday, had and fantastic Restoration lesson on Tuesday, and another great Plan of Salvation lesson on Saturday. She is so solid! Her little daughter copied my plan of salvation drawing on a napkin, and look up at me with big brown eyes saying, "I drew this for you!" Pretty sure my heart melted haha 

Life is good. We are being obedient and working hard. Its the only way to be happy, even if you don't feel like you are being successful. Big things are about to happen in Lansing! I can feel it!

Love you all!

Elder Wheat

Some of the missionaries in the zone!

Good to be together again!! #ILoveMyComp


You know, sometimes writing these emails is difficult because there are so many things that you could write about, but you are never quite sure what. Thank goodness I keep a journal everyday. To any missionary or future missionary reading this, keep a journal. It is very important.

Yesterday, I had a very cool experience reading in my journals from high school. Lately, I have really been struggling with perfectionism and am realizing it is impossible to be happy when you are only focused on what you are doing wrong. While God wants us to acknowledge our weaknesses, he also wants us to recognize our strengths. As I was reading my journals, I realized something. I have changed A LOT! Things that used to seem like insurmountable hurdles have been overcome and things have turned out so much better than I have ever thought. I realized that while I am still imperfect as a man and a missionary, I have made a lot of progress which means I am doing something right. To anyone who struggles with similar feelings, if you are better now than you were a year ago, then you are on the perfecting path. Keep walking and you will get there :) It won't be in this life, so just enjoy what you are doing well!

So let me tell you about my week. On Tuesday I performed a baptismal interview for one of the greatest people I have ever met. I have only taught him once on trade offs, but he is one of the finest men I have ever known. His story is incredible. He is evidence of the changing power the atonement can have if we utilize it. Within a month of meeting with missionaries, everything about this man had changed. However, he still carried the most overwhelming guilt for all that he had done. Even though his had nature had changed, he ached that he could never make restitution for what he had done. "I can never make up for what has been done, I can never pay back for what was lost." Immediately the spirit cried out, "Some one already has!! We can never fully make right for what has been done in our lives. That is why we need a savior!" I could not believe what I had heard. Talk about the spirit teaching the teacher and student... In the course of this interview, I could almost see the burden of guilt lifted, and him almost choke on his joy. It was so special, partially because I know the feeling. "There are know words," he said in his prayer, "to express the gratitude I feel." Oh how grateful I am to be a missionary. "And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me." How grateful I am for the atonement of the Savior which heals the wounded soul!!! The way is prepared for all men if the are willing to offer up their whole souls as an offering unto him!

On Thursday, we had an appointment who wasn't home, but later, we felt prompted to go back, and man were we glad we did. Pam, an investigator, was having a total melt down, and felt that God had forsaken her and left her all alone. As we listened to her express her feelings to us, it sounded familiar. We taught her about the Savior, and all he went through on his own, and especially why that was necessary. We explained how all of this is apart of a grander plan, and even though she felt like he is not listening, he will bless you with small assurances, whether they be a scripture, or the words of another, that will let you know he is listening. She said, "Like you are doing right now?" "Yes. God sent us back so you can know he is there and that he loves you." Her tears of sorrow were literally made tears of joy as we left. It is a special thing to be an answer to a prayer. It seems to bless you as much as it blessed the recipient. 

I testify that God loves us. He wants us to be happy, and everything we go through in this life can lead to greater happiness if we endure it well. He is our Father, and he deserves our trust. He is the only one we can fully put our trust in anyways. If it feels like he isn't there, or if it feels like you are praying to your bed spread, hold on. Help and happiness is on its way.
Elder Wheat

 Congrats to Michael who was baptized Saturday! I will always look up to this man!