Friday, October 30, 2015


The weeks seriously are starting to blend together, and I have no idea what is going on. We are excited about what is going on. I think we are coming close to the point where things start falling into place for us. We have gotten a few really solid referrals and potentials, and will be seeing things pick up this week! This reminds me a lot of Houghton Lake and Grand Rapids. These people are out there. We are doing all the right things, but just haven't been doing it long enough yet. 

It was a pretty solid week. Like I said, I am not sure where the time went, but things are picking up. I will say, however, that we had one of the most unusual endings to a lesson of my life. We were teaching a beautiful young family about the restoration and they just got it. Everything about it sounded wonderful to them. It was probably the smoothest first lesson I have had in a long time. It was taught to their needs and the spirit was there. We challenged them to be baptized if they came to know this was true, and they accepted. We are getting so excited. We invite them to read so that they can know if its true, and they said......... No. "I think I am set in my Roman Catholic faith." I had no clue what to say... I have never had anyone say yes to baptism and no to the Book of Mormon before... Safe to say things didn't turn out with that like I hoped, BUT after that lesson I pretty much knew its only up from here on out. Immediately after that lesson, we found 3 super cool potentials, so it all works out. 

I am thankful to be here in Grand Valley. Its probably my toughest area so far, and has really tested my faith, especially since I have been so blessed to teach as much as I have. I think part of the process in this area is to see if we will be faithful when its hard. The Lord knows I can be faithful to him when we are teaching tons of people, but will I be faithful when rejection becomes the norm, and going home is in the near future. I love this opportunity. I promised the Lord my heart when I came out, and it is His forever. Whether in prosperous times or in shame, I will do what he wants me to do. I have served as well as I know how until now, and these next few months will be my finest offering. Oh how I love him. How I wish I was more like him. I witness of his love and mercy. He is truly so quick to forgive. I am so grateful to him for all that I know and have. 

Elder Wheat

Stole Elder Cornelisons camera... Heck yes!

 Gotta love the fall!!!

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