Friday, October 30, 2015


Update on the work: Mike is progressing really well actually. He is our only investigator right now, but he still came to church!! The ward is really excited, because this is the first time an investigator has been at church from this area in over 6 months... We are being very blessed here!!

You know... I have to say that it has been a tough week. I have been so blessed almost my whole mission to do tons of teaching of incredible people, and its been a little surprising that things haven't picked up as fast as I hoped they would. We door knock all day it seems, but all is well. I am learning to be patient in the Lords time. I think the hardest part about it is what Satan can do to you during the dry spells of life. He is constantly broadcasting that the lack of success is your fault. You begin to recognize every weakness you have and every time you fall short. At times it got very overwhelming and became difficult to feel the spirit.
Yesterday was probably the hardest, but I learned an important lesson. It is impossible to feel the spirit when you are in a hurry. I find myself rushing conversations, lessons, doorsteps, pretty much  everything lately, probably due to the fact that I don't have a ton of time left. I was reading through some old journals from my mission, and a quote from Joseph Smith to Brigham Young came to mind. As they were on the Zion's Camp march, the Prophet came in 3 times and repeated, "Brigham, don't be in a hurry." The difference between enduring to the end and enjoying to the end is choosing to find joy in the journey, and not just in the destination. Give of your time and attention. Don't rush through home teaching with a "Just get it done" attitude, because if you do, you will miss the real purpose and blessing. The Elder's quorum president would be happy, but we and the families we teach will be left unblessed and unchanged. The same is true for a millions other worthy endeavors we engage in. Everyday is filled with opportunities to feel the spirit with somebody, but these are missed if we are to involved in our own agenda, no matter how worthy that is. Time spent is an ultimate act of love, because it is the one gift that we can't get back. Enjoy where you are at right now :) Life is good right now. No matter whether it's the best day or the worst day of your life. Everything we experience, for better or for worse, brings us closer to the Savior if we treat them right. The easiest way to turn a day around is to say a prayer of gratitude, and go make someone feel awesome. You can never be upset when you are genuinely in the service of another.
Hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Wheat

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