Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Guess who got to go on a blitz with his second mission son???? THIS ELDER!!!!! It was so cool to get to spend the day with Elder Johnson to see how much he has grown these last few months since I left Houghton Lake. The man is on fire and his desires have changed dramatically. He is a totally different man than he was, and thats not to say he was bad before... because he was awesome. He's just changed... Oh man. So cool to see. Its the closest thing I've gotten to feeling Fatherly pride in this life. Looking forward to feeling it for real :)

I just wanted to share a quick experience this week that impacted me. Breana and Jerry are progressing really well. We had a super intense, but powerful lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Breana has been dealing with so very heavy guilt, and it all came out in that lesson. She spent the whole hour in tears, but we were able to comfort her and help her feel better. She volunteered to say it, and said, "Father, I want to be like you. And I know what I did wasn't like you. Please help me to be better." It was one of the most Childlike prayers I have ever heard and still makes me want to cry. In the words of the Savior, "Except ye become converted, and be as little Children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." I strive for that kind of devotion and love. 

Recently the quorom of the 12 petitioned the Lord for what they needed to share with the world as they went abroad to preach, and the answer was to exhort the saints to deepen personal conversion. Conversion has been a theme of my mission for many personal reasons, and I have learned some of things about what conversion means. To be converted means to be as a child (Matt 18:3) or in other words submissive to our Father (Mosiah 3:19). The Natural man looks inward and only seeks instant self gratification (wanting what we want NOW), while the Saviors first impression is to look outward and serve others. Likewise, "those who are filled with the love of God are not content with blessing their own family alone, but will be anxious to bless the whole human race." It is not enough for us to say we are converted to Jesus Christ, and make our top priority self agrandisement. The first impulse of the converted and the changed is to share what has brought them so much joy (1 Nephi 8:12, Alma 36:24, Mosiah 28:3). Therefore, we can measure our personal conversion by our individual desire to share the gospel. When we seek to elevate others, the work itself tends to elevate us. Let us seek to lift those hands that hang down, and save the souls drowning in a world of sin. The only happy life is a life devoted to seeking the glory of god, or in other words seeking the immortality and eternal life of each other. 

I wish I could say I was perfect at this, but I am always reminded that it is a process. Only the Savior can transform us, but he can only change a heart that is given to him. My prayer is that I can truly give all my heart and soul to the one who has made me all that I am.

Love you all 

Elder Wheat

Love my boy!!! Eating our traditional companionship totinos pizza

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