Monday, April 6, 2015


Man does it feel good to be back. I have been praying a long time to feel this excitement and love again, and even though the answers often come in the 4th watch of the night they always come. 

This week has been full of trade offs and blitz's and Elder Jeppson and I have spent a grand total of 0 full proselyting days together this week. Tuesday, I was on a trade off with a former Assistant to the President, and as you can imagine, it is pretty hard to help train a missionary who you have looked up to your whole mission, but I learned a lot from him and without a doubt felt the spirit around him.

Wednesday I was with a young man named Elder Mcbride, who has become one of my best friends here in the mission. It was a very special trade off for me. He has been going through a lot lately, so it was a wonderful opportunity to feel the spirit together. When the spirit is present, I feel like you develop a much deeper connection with a person. It is as if spirit and soul can directly communicate with spirit and soul. Much was learned and felt on that trade off, and nothing could have made me happier than hearing him say, "This has been life changing, I just want to be better." It's moments like that that I love being a zone leader. 

Thursday and Friday were spent in the Holt, MI area where we blitzed the area. Thursday I was with Elder Crockett who is a greenie fire ball of energy. I have always been nervous to talk to everyone I see, but we found a ton of prepared people that would never have been found had we not stopped. Friday was with a Elder Baker who is hilarious. He is an older missionary who I greatly respect. Holt has been struggling for awhile, but after seeing there diligence and obedience, I can see why the area is exploding. 

Saturday was really cool, because we didn't get to do much proselyting, because we were going to baptisms all day. Bummer haha There is always a very special spirit around new converts. I love them so much. One of Elder Jeppson got to see one of his from up north and she took us out to lunch, so that was a very cool moment for him. In short, most of my happiness this week came from seeing other missionaries happy. haha There is something about this. One of my best friends out here puts it best, "There's a depth of friendship that I don't think I ever experience before my mission, that we often feel as missionaries. Maybe that's because we're more focused than ever on our Savior and our pursuit of becoming like Him. Or maybe it's because when we realize how incredibly difficult true discipleship is, we also come to respect and love those who have walked that path. When we see those that are truly refined, we know something of the refiners fire that they have gone through." It really is so true. I love the faithful and even the unfaithful missionaries of this world, and especially this zone.

Miracle of the week for us was a woman mom Victoria. Elder Jeppson knocked into her on Tuesday, had and fantastic Restoration lesson on Tuesday, and another great Plan of Salvation lesson on Saturday. She is so solid! Her little daughter copied my plan of salvation drawing on a napkin, and look up at me with big brown eyes saying, "I drew this for you!" Pretty sure my heart melted haha 

Life is good. We are being obedient and working hard. Its the only way to be happy, even if you don't feel like you are being successful. Big things are about to happen in Lansing! I can feel it!

Love you all!

Elder Wheat

Some of the missionaries in the zone!

Good to be together again!! #ILoveMyComp

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