Monday, April 13, 2015


A few weeks ago, I received a blessing, and in that blessing, it was said that a great work was about to happen in the Lansing area that the adversary wanted to stop. That work is beginning.

This week was very hectic but very fun. Until Thursday we had 6 elders in the appartment. We pretty much had no room to sleep, but it was a ton of fun. The miracles began however on Friday. At the end of our weekly planning session, we received to referrals that we set up appointments for that day. Before that however, we had an appointment with a potential who had stood us up twice now. This time, as we approached the house, there was an asbestos inspector on the neighboring house. I was debating whether we should talk to him, when he called out to us saying, "What church are you from?" We answered, and talked for a second, when the passing cars became to loud. He shouted, "Hold on! I'll be right down." He came down and told us about how he had been reading and loving the Book of Mormon. We taught him a 5 minute Restoration lesson pretty much, and bore our testimony that if the Book of Mormon is true, that the Church of Jesus Christ had been restored and he needed to be baptized. He said, "of course the Book of Mormon is true! Everyone knows that! How could it not be! So many churches veer off on their own thing, but the Book of Mormon stays on the right path. So sweet haha He sadly lives in the Detroit Mission boundaries, but that guy is elect.

Following that experience we went to see one of the referrals we received named Dominick. He is a super sweet guy with very little religious back ground but is super solid. We taught him the restoration and at the end he said, "Something is telling me God wants me to look into this. I feel like I am going to learn something from it." He came to church on Sunday and really liked it! Afterwards, he said, "I think I am going to come back next week. What am I talking about, I am coming back next week." Super awesome tender mercy. As we walked out of that appointment, we stopped a guy on his bike who had met with missionaries before and is super excited for us to come back. At this point, we were thinking, "Why is everyone we are talking to super elect?" haha The Lord is good.

We went from there to see a woman named Danielle, who is a less active member who was referred to us by her family in Washington. She is the Prodigal Daughter who had hit rock bottom and finally was ready to come home. She is 30 years old, and is a single mother of 5 children under the age of 10. They were absolutely destitute. They had no furniture or anything for that matter in the house. It would be a tragic thing if her kids were not the most adorable and happy things on planet earth. It was such a special thing to just be with her family. The way they treated there mother, and how she looked at those kids was something beautiful. She told us of how she needed to get God back in her life and that she was ready to change. The kids were SO excited to get to go to church. Her son Julian said, "You mean we have to wait 2 whole days?! I am going to tell God to skip a day." One of the most special moments of my mission to feel that spirit of love in that home. They had absolutely nothing except their love, and that was enough to make those children happy. It was a powerful lesson. 

Church was awesome as well. About a month ago, I met a MSU student named Brittnee while we are getting our oil changed and had an awesome talk with her. A few days later her car breaks down, and a member in the ward picked her up. The member felt impressed to talk about church with her, and Brittnee said, "I just met a couple of missionaries a few days ago!! I think one of them was from California," and Sister Reed says, "Thats Elder Wheat!... Brittnee it is no coincidence you keep running into people like us. God needs you to look into this," and she said "absolutely." Sunday, as I am standing at the pulpit to give my talk, who do I see in the congregation? Brittnee. I just about swallowed my tie haha She absolutely loved church and is ready to be taught. So awesome.

When I was preparing for my talk, my prayer was that I would be able to touch at least one person in the congregation. I felt the spirit very powerfully in that talk and I learned a lot, but I noticed a woman in the back left corner next to the sister missionaries was weeping, and she continued to do it through the musical number and Elder Alley's talk. The sisters told us that everything that we said was exactly what their investigator needed to hear, and she couldn't help but cry. It was a special experience for me to know that the Lord spoke through me to touch the one.

It was a fantastic week and it is going to be a great transfer. Elder Alley pushes me to be better and is everything I ever prayed for in a companion. Let the Good times roll.

Elder Wheat

Got so see both my sons and my favorite district at Transfers!!

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