Monday, April 6, 2015


Before I report on my week, I feel impressed to share something I learned early in the week. As most of you reading these emails know, I had been going through some personal trials, that even though I was working hard and being obedient, I felt I was going back wards. I felt like I was losing everything I had worked so hard to gain. I was always praying to get back to where I was, when I realized something. Elder Jeppson often says that "You are exactly who God planned for you to be right now," and I thought, "Could this really be where God wants me to be?" So I asked him and the craziest thing happened. I received a strong assurance that even though I had felt like I was falling back, I was progressing exactly the way God wanted me to be. In our current state, we don't see the whole picture of what our Father wants us to become, but he does. Life isn't a matter of "Where do I want to be" but "Where does God need me to be." If we measure our success by where we want to be, we will always be found wanting, but if we counsel with the Lord on where he needs us to be, we can be confident and happy with who we are, no matter where we are in our progression. 

This week was very similar to last week in that Elder Jeppson and I were NEVER together haha I forgot he was my companion at one point haha Always on trade offs and always on blitzes but it has been a wonderful experience for me to see all the different types of missionary work. I will say though that I am wayyyy excited to get to focus on my own area for a week. It has been a miracle that we have been seeing as much success  as we have been. The Lord is good!

I was in Jonesville MI with one of our finest missionaries, Elder Haddock, and we saw tons of miracles for that area. We were able to track down quite a few of there investigators that have been missing for awhile, and put a few of them on date for baptism. One experience was a woman named Danielle (Who reminds me so much of Amber from Houghton Lake). When we got there, we hadn't hade an opportunity to plan what we were going to teach, so when we were invited to sit down, Elder Haddock looked at me and asked what we should teach. He told me we wanted to commit her to church and to meet with us more consistently, and I received a prompting to just listen to her and try to discern a need. When she sat down, it became very obvious very quickly what she needed: Rest. She told us of her struggles of being a young mom trying to raise a big family and that she was overwhelmed. The spirit took over both of us from there. We had such a powerful lesson with her on how Church Prayer and Reading (CPR) will help her find the rest she seeks, while enhancing her abilities as a mom. The coolest thing about teaching is being able to help someone realize that they are feeling the Holy Ghost. When we left, the spirit was there, and she wasn't tired anymore. She was ready to take on the world. I testify that if we seek the spirit, we will have enough energy to do everything and anything God asks us to do. 

Life has been great, and we are ready to see miracles happen here in Lansing. I love the work and I rejoice in all God is doing for me. He really does answer prayers. I am gaining appreciation for the little things, like crying with a recent convert because of the joy you both feel to have the gospel. When we only seek after the monumental experiences and miracles, we miss the workings of the Lord, for by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity," so this week, I challenge each of you to look for what Elder Jeppson calls "infinite moments." I love you all!! God bless you!

Elder Wheat

The Jonesville District!

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