Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I cannot believe how fast this week has flown. Holy cow! So much has happened! Let me get right into it.
So the Church Missionary Department (the Bosses in Salt Lake) came to our mission this week, and wanted to go out teaching with the nearest zone leaders. Thats us. Brother Radford (Head of IT at the MTC) was there to evaluate how we do, and would then present a training to the whole mission... My GOODNESS was I nervous. My confidence was still a little shaky, but thankfully the Lord was with us! We had some incredible lessons and a great night. Afterwards, he said, "You guys are excellent missionaries, you seriously did not give me much to work with for my training." It felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders. He had a lot of very kind things to say about us which I needed to hear.
I want to just tell you about some of our awesome investigators. Ixchel (36), Evan (9) and Isaac (12) are a part member family who they just started teaching before I got here. Man are they solid. All of them, even Evan read like its no body's business and are sharp as ever. They love the church and the ward and are ready for baptism on February 21st!
Next is Jenica Sanchez (18) who is the biggest sweetheart. She has been investigating for a long time, but needs to get married to her member boyfriend before she can be baptized. She has a goal to read the book of mormon and has finished 1 Nephi in just over a week!! She is so excited to be married and baptized on the 21st as well. You can't help but love them!
Finally, we have Aubrieanna Richardson (17). Her mom was baptized about a month ago, and we invited her to take the lessons too. She was very hesitant, but her progress is incredible. We met with her 4 times this week, and this is how its gone.
Sunday: They met with her once before, and committed her to read Alma 32. Not only does she read, she highlights... We taught her the restoration, and invited her to be baptized, and she said no because she already was in a pentacostal church, but when we invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to find out if its true, she felt a voice tell her "of course its true!"
Tuesday: We went over with Brother Radford, and had a crazy distracted lesson on the Plan of Salvation, but her little brother was going crazy the whole time. He settled down, and we began to talk about speaking in tongues, and the Holy Ghost. She had some major concerns about authority, because she believes her baptism was by that authority. She read all of 3 Nephi in two days and loved it. We invited her to pray to know if this was the right church.
Friday: She had a dream that she was supposed to go to our church, and feels that this is right but was still uncertain about authority. We invited her to read and pray about the Restoration pamphlet.
Saturday: She recieved a testimony of restored priesthood authority while reading. She said, "Ive made my decision, but I am just not sure when." We jumped for joy and committed her to baptism on February 21st.
As if that isn't enough, I get a call yesterday that one of my investigators, Ethan Valentine, who I taught once in Grand Rapids is getting baptized on February 7, and he wants me to go!! I was so suprised and honestly very flattered, but this has been such a miracle.
I suppose that the scripture Ether 12:6 is true. Miracles happen after a trial of faith. The Lord has blessed this area so abundantly and I am praying with all my heart that they make it to their baptisms and beyond!! The Lord has been so good to us and has heard my prayers. This week was still a struggle at times, but it will continue to get better. Dad always taught me that a mission is a marathon and not a sprint, and I think the Lord is teaching me to pace myself. I have seen enough to know that the Lord is in the trials in our lives and that it always gets better if we continue to push forward. I have experienced enough to know that he is there and that he loves us, even in times of doubt. I am not perfect, but I am trying, and I am thankful that, because of the atonement, that is enough.

1 and 2. From the MTC to our year mark! It is crazy how fast its gone.

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