Friday, January 2, 2015


So it turns out... My district is full of musically gifted missionaries, so we now have an occapella group haha We performed at our half mission party and it was actually pretty sweet haha I would send the video but the file is to big... 

I have to start with the sad news... Fred wasn't baptized this week, but the good news it that he will be soon. Now back to the miracles this week. 

Christmas was absolutely awesome. It feels so good to talk and laugh with my family again. My mission has made me love my family more than I ever have, yet I am not homesick. It is interesting. We had an awesome member family named the Gees feed us and they got us some sweet presents! haha
We have a super sweet investigator named Will Robinson. He is 14 years old and is a stud. He is already talking about serving a mission! He is basically teaching himself the lessons haha He has a date for January 17 and we are super excited for him! This last lesson was really cool. He said, "I feel like this life is a path, and God is our destination, but Satan sends squirrels running across to distract us." It is really cool to watch an investigator recieve personal revelation... Just sayin! His closing prayer was the best. With about as much humility as one could have he said, "God, thank you for this lesson. I actually got a lot out of it today. I am going to stay away from the squirrels now. Please help me so that I can meet with you in Celestial Heaven." Hearing people pray like that just makes me happy. It is always a special and sacred experience for me. 

The Cowart family is still fantastic. Destiny called her Grandma and said she needed church clothes and Oriana asked if it was possible to be baptized on Christmas. It is always so sweet to be with them. We had another great lesson with them in which we asked how she feels when they meet with us. Amber (the mom) got this unforgettable look on her face and started stumbling over her words about how she just feels light. She finally concluded saying,"You know how you asked me to pray? Well I've been doing that for the first time in my life before bed, and when I do it, it just feels like... my body gets light, and my insides just start... Expanding..." I couldn't help but laugh because I have never heard the spirit described that way, yet I have felt that feeling before haha It is such a sweet experience to teach them. Her 15 year old daughter asked why she goes to a mormon church and she goes,"Because they are all about love and family. Like you should hear these guys talk!! The way they teach just makes sense!!"

Lastly, is a new family we just picked up. They are why I believe Fred didn't get Baptized, because we needed to meet them. Blake and Amy are 19 and 20 with a month old baby. It seriously feels like I am just teaching my friends back home. Blake is a stud baseball player and Amy is the sweetest girl. Blake told us he met with missionaries in Texas. We have had some awesome lessons with them and they love us already. We invited them to be baptized in the second lesson and he goes, "I have a confession.. I was actually baptized Mormon, and I did baptisms in the Temple too. I didn't know how to tell you." Elder Johnson, Amy, and I got this shocked look on our face like WHAT??? Hahah That family is so solid, he is already a member. Her questions are awesome, and the spirit is there when we teach. We are so blessed to know them. There are so many wonderful people in Houghton Lake.
It just hit me how long I have been out. 11 months. I swear I just got here. It is unreal how fast the time flies, and I wish it would go slower, but if the last 11 months have brought this much to my live, I can only imagine what will come next!!

Elder Wheat

Some of my best friends on earth. (Elder Sinsel on the left knows the Walker fam mom!)

Our LA Gingerbread temple

The district!

Elder Johnsons mom made us the ties we are wearing and the Gees got us everything else

This investigator collects vintage clothing. The jackets and hats are all from the 50s. He let us keep the Jackets and the tie I am wearing in the other pictures. That tie is hand painted from the 50s

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