Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Well... Lifes good. What else is new haha

We had a sweet week but this email is going to be more of a personal testimony. We had 3 companion exchanges this week, so I was only with Elder Jeppson for 2 full days this week, but it was an awesome experience. Our investigators our still great and on track to be baptized and I will be dancing like theres no tomorrow come February 21st!!

Aubrieanna was super open and receptive to the word of wisdom. She was describing her decision to be baptized to one of the APs and said, "I had some problems with authority, but I heard a little voice say, 'stop being so stubborn and do it!' so I am" Pretty sweet haha The Esquivels and Jenica are still on track and are excited as it gets!! 

I am better now. This week was another stuggle, but I am better. I now have the assurance that everything I have been through mentally and spiritually has worked together for my good. I have received a personal testimony of what it means to "Learn obedience by the things that we suffer." and how the enabling grace of Jesus Christ actually works more like the spotter on a bench press than a force who takes away our affliction. I have learned that feeling forsaken does not necessarily mean that God is far from you. I felt for a time that I was moving backwards, but now I realize that what I was moving closer to God than I ever have been. I realize now how much has changed, and how my desires have been transformed. I am grateful that I don't know everything, but that I know enough. I know that God lives and I know that he loves us. I know that we have a Savior whose grace is sufficient to transform us and lift us. If we ever feel that we have been forsaken or left all alone. If we feel at times like we are praying to our bed spread, we are not the only one. Some one a lot better than we all at times asked where his Father was. But it was because of that experience that Christ became more of who he was destined to be. We go through these things at times, but we have need of patience, and after we have done the will of God, we will receive the promise. I testify that those promises ALWAYS come. Oh how wonderful that is to me. 

Elder Wheat

This ones for you dad

I have the best companion!

The things I wake up to in Michigan. There was no snow on Saturday!!!!

Sickest Snuggie Ever

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