Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Transferred to Lansing 1/12/15

It has been a bittersweet and hectic day to say the least. Saying goodbye to everyone in Houghton Lake was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I got to sing a solo yesterday for the first time, and afterwards, the first counselor in the branch presidency got up and gave me some of the nicest complements I have ever been given. Afterwards he said, "this kid is on fire, and it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn't invite him to bear his testimony." Normally I don't get emotional with this kind of stuff, but it was hard to hold back the tears. Though the week was very successful, I didn't feel very good about it, and the spirit I felt Sunday was just what I needed.
It has been FREEZING this week. The wind chill got down to -20 for most of the week and the normal Temp hovered at about 0. And we walked most of the week. haha Elder Johnson must hate me, because the whole time I was singing "Oh what a beautiful MOOOOORNING! OH what a beautiful DAYYYYYYY!" haha I am weird... 

So exciting news... WILL IS GETTING BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! I am so happy for that kid. It kills me that I might not be there, but we had a great week with him and he is so ready. He is already talking about his mission. What a stud.
Amber and the Cowarts are excellent. It was so hard to leave them, but Amber's life has changed dramatically. Who she is now is not who I met 6 weeks ago. God has become her whole life, and is becoming an incredible woman. She once had her kids taken from her by CPS, and now she reads the Book of Mormon to them as a bed time story. She is one of he most incredible people I have ever known. Her and her family are like my family now. It was very hard to say goodbye.
We had about 40 people at church which was amazing to see. I very thankful for all that has happened in Houghton Lake. That little branch is on fire, and I hope it continues. I am so bummed to leave, but I am so excited to be in Lansing. The work here is on fire, and I look forward to working with Elder Jeppson. He is from Kaysville UT and has been out 18 months. I am so excited. He has been a zone leader for about 3 months, so he gets to show me how to do missionary work! I am so excited. Life is good in Michigan. It is a new start and I am thankful for it. I am learning a lot and my life is changing. This will be an adjustment, but I will rely on the Lord and move forward. I love you all. God Bless you!
His Faithful Servant, 
Elder Wheat

Amber :)

The Gees!!!

Me and my boy!!

So funny story about this family. They were the ones who bailed us out of a ditch on Christmas eve, and we knocked into them 2 weeks ago haha They had us for dinner to!!!! The Feldmans

My mission family, the Carothers

Big Will and Little Will!!!!

Best district in the mission!!

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