Monday, November 24, 2014


What an awesome week... It definitely had its ups and downs, but I am thankful for both!!

This week was our half mission training, which was definitely needed. I felt very sorely chastened, which is a good thing. I always know I am feeling the spirit when I have a desire to repent. Repentance has also taken on a whole meaning for me. It is no longer perfection as I once thought, it is progression. It not simply ceasing to sin or be disobedient, but replacing those with worth while activities. It is not just going from bad to good, but good to great. We had a counselor in the mission presidency speak to us, and I speak for all the missionaries I have talked to since, when I say we had one of the most sacred experiences I have ever had. The setting is not right to share hear, but I am so grateful for what was felt in that room with my fellow servants of the savior.

I spent a couple days at Central Michigan University with the zone leaders. It was very hard to contact people, considering it was 15 degrees and snowing, but we had some powerful lessons. I would love to serve on a campus. It is a little intimidating to speak to kids my own age, but having spirit guided lessons with them is really cool. 

While I was gone, Elder Johnson tore it up again! He is really becoming a remarkable missionary. It is so amazing to see the spirit work on him. I am not sure he had a testimony when he got here, but the other day, he held up a Book of Mormon in front of his face and said, "This is true." He teaches like a boss now and was a savior for me this week. I was stressing big time over a lesson, because I didn't know EVERYTHING about the doctrine we were teaching, and he just told me to keep it simple. He was dead on. I am learning a lot from this man!

The other day, we talked to 15 people. 12 peaked their head out and said not interested, one cussed us out for ignoring a no soliciting sign, one antied us, and one opened the door with a horrified look on her face, paused long enough for us to say Hi, and slammed the door. It was a cold, dark, and slushy day. We walked all day and really the only thing that got me through it was singing missionary hymns. It was, for some reason, one of my hardest days on my mission, but all I could do was laugh. Days like that just make the mission memorable.

Elizabeth is doing really well. She may not understand everything we teach, but I know she feels the spirit. Last lesson she said she would be baptized if she knew 100% that it was true, but this lesson was different. We taught her the restoration again, and I am not sure the fully grasped it... But I felt prompted to ask if she knew the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Church were true, and she answered with an emphatic YES. She really wants to get baptized. We have some hurdles to get over first, but I am confident she will get there. 

I want to close with a letter she wrote to us:

Dear Missionaries,
I would like to thank you for coming to my house for the past few weeks and inviting me to church and study the word of God. 
I have learned so much more about God. This means so much to me. I once was not up to par, then one day I found myself knowing more and more than I did before. I just wanted to get to know God more. 
God loves all who love and spread his word. This is my testimony. 
Elizabeth Porter

I add my testimony to hers. I love being a missionary, and I know that God lives! I am grateful that he is so merciful and patient with me. I am grateful for how much I have learned and how much I have changed. Love you all!

Elder Wheat

Elder Johnson and I and The frozen lake!!!

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  1. What a beautiful post, Elder Wheat! You truly do have the right spirit about you, and we pray for you and all the missionaries every day, more than once! Stay snug and warm as you can! We know you will be guided by the Lord.