Friday, November 14, 2014


What a week my friends!!

Where to start... 

I want to take a second to say how much I love the missionaries of this mission, and the opportunity I have to help support and serve them as a district leader. Every time we gather together, I feel the spirit and I feel strength in the power of the set apart. 

We saw many miracles this week. We went to teach a man named Maurice Clark, who has a cool story. We found him while checking on somebody else, but we got talking to him, and found out his religious history. He grew up in church, but stopped as a kid because he was told to not come back until he had nicer clothes. That reminded me of Alma 32 where the poor class of the zoramites was kicked out of their synagogues because of there poor dress. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and invited him to read that story. He read it many times and found great comfort in it, but at the end of our first visit, he said he'd die a baptist. The mood changed a little when we went back and explained the restoration, but the miracle was this week. He mentioned to us that he wasn't sure why, but his life was changing. He no longer judged others and just started to love people more. He described that the changes began before we started meeting, but have accelerated since. He feels the spirit when we come and when he reads, but is anxious to find out what is causing these changes. The Lord prepares his children for the missionaries. I believe it with all my heart. 

We didn't have much planned on Friday, and Elder Johnson admitted later that he thought it was going to be a horrible day. Oh how wrong we were. We saw miracles all day. Were were led to exactly the right places and met all the right people. We taught them on the doorstep, they felt the spirit, and invited us back. We have more appointments set up this week than I have ever had in Houghton Lake. We are being so blessed. There are so many elect people here. The trick now is going to be getting them to meet consistently and get them to progress. We will see what the Lord has in store!

We also saw miracles with a couple less actives, including Sister Cowell, who continues to make huge steps in here testimony. We taught them they why of the Sacrament, and the spirit touched them big time. I am really excited to follow up this week with how they are doing. 

Life is good. We got caught walking in a sleet storm the other day and just about froze but we smiled, sang, and power walked the whole two miles home. I am thankful that the Lord keeps me cheerful, no matter how lousy the weather or experience!  Sorry for the lack of stories this week, but I don't have time or words to share them all. Its crazy how the small and simple experiences make the biggest difference to me. I love this work!

His Faithful Servant
Elder Wheat

A couple of missionaries in the zone and President Jacobsen!!

How it feels to be a missionary!

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