Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I can't believe how fast the days are flying. It really isn't fair! 

Elder Johnson is doing very well. The man is picking up things very quickly. He took the lead in all of our Restoration lessons and handled it like a stud! He is improving by the day. I think he might get sick of me soon because I am so happy all the time, but he will get used to it haha. I am thankful my mission is teaching me to love things that are hard. On Friday and Saturday, it got down to about 34 degrees and snowed. The wind chill however was about 15. It was epic. I am telling ya, that wind cuts you to the bone haha. Its weird though, because I really did love it. There really is not that much fun about Door knocking in the freezing wind and snow, but I just had this smile on my face the entire time. Life is so much better when you choose to be happy.

Now for a couple miracles that happened this week. Last week, I told a story of how Elder Johnson was prompted to go back and knock on a door again. Well, Elizabeth is a rock star. She is so excited to have us teach her. She is such a big sweet heart. Everything we taught reminded her of a scripture in the bible, so we'd stop while she flipped through and read the scripture she was thinking of. I couldn't help but smile. It's like teaching a child. She is so accepting and excited to hear what we have to say. I can't help but love her heart. She is different from everyone else we have met, but we love her anyway. We gave her a book of mormon and a couple pamphlets, and she read them all and took all kinds of notes. She loves what we have to say and rejoices to receive more of God's word.

Greatest Miracle was the baptism of Nora Buchner. She has been coming to church everyweek for 10 years and finally built the courage to be baptized. We normally get about 22-23 members at sacrament meeting and had 28 come to the baptism. I got to be in the water with the baptizer to help her back up out of the water. What a great experience. Afterwards, she said, I feel so much more love here than I do at my other church. It is weird how it really doesn't matter if the congregation has 20 members or 200 members, there is a tangible family love in this church that I have not felt anywhere else. If nothing else, I know that this church is true because of the love that is present every time the saints assemble together. I know that all of us belong the the family of God, and what a sweet feeling it is to feel that bond. 

Love seems to be the common theme for the week. It is the secret to happiness. If we can choose to love everyone around us and the circumstances we find ourselves in, the world would be void of all its troubles and contentions. Yesterday, we met a drunk man who was waiting for a cab outside his trailer. He says "Have you come to talk to me about Jesus Christ?" I said, "Yes sir!" He said "Well your looking at him! I am Jesus Christ." He then proceeded to tell us a whole bunch of crazy things about Daniel, King James, and the second coming, during which, I swear he didn't blink once. When his cab came, he put out his cigarrette and drove off. It was such an unusual experience, but I couldn't help but love him! It doesn't matter whether or not this man was the Savior or not, we tried to treat him as if he was. That man is my brother. I am thankful that God is changing how I view people. He is helping me see the good in everyone, and helping me realize that everyone is doing the best that they can. I have no choice but to love them. The Lord loves me with all my weaknesses and imperfections, so I must love others who have theirs. Life is so much better and happier this way. How thankful I am to God that he is changing who I am. I love him, which must always include loving everyone around us. For by this shall all men know that we are his disciples, If we have love one to another.

Elder Wheat

Nora Buchners baptism

One of the Young men drew a sweet picture of me and him hhaha

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