Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Visions 12/1/14

What a crazy week... It is a little ridiculous to stop and think about all that has happened. I can't write about it all, but there were some stories I wanted to share and things I wanted to update you on!

Elizabeth is doing well and had a great experience again at church. I am not sure she understands anything we teach, but she said something that I can't seem to get out of my mind. She said, "I don't think God cares if I get the right or wrong answers. I think he just wants me to try." The more I think about that, the more true it gets. I don't think the Lord does care if she knows everything about the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. I think He just wants her to try! She feels the spirit and knows its true! She is such a sweetheart!

We have a new awesome investigator named Steve Harmon. He is 35 and We found him in our area book and stopped in a few weeks ago. He was really close to being baptized a few years ago but backed out because he wasn't ready to change. He wasn't interested at first, but we felt like we should just keep talking to him. The longer we talked, the more the spirit worked, and he eventually invited us back. We had an awesome lesson with him last week and he told his parents he was going to be a Mormon!!!!!!!!! He has a lot of hurdles to get over. His girlfriend is moving in this week which could be a blessing in disguise because he wants us to teach her and her family too!

This Sunday, we had 18 total people there, and 2 of them were investigators haha. We met a guy named Ramon 6 weeks ago who may be the best investigator we have never met with. Our first conversation went something like this:
Hi. What church are you from? Where at? What time are services? Ill be there. Do you have a Book of Mormon? Thank you. See ya Sunday.
I have never had a full conversation with the man and hes been to church 3 weeks in a row and is half way through the Book of Mormon already... He always leaves after Sacrament so we never are able to set up a time with him! and last week he wrote us a note that in essence said, "I love the Book of Mormon. It is a guide in my life. I don't feel comfortable participating in discussions because I know becoming a member requires giving financial support to the church and I am retired and cannot at this time. When I find work I will pursue my desire in becoming a member." We wrote him Saturday and said the only thing required to be a member is a desire to follow Christ and keep his commandments. He came yesterday and have and have an appointment Thursday! Fingers Crossed!

Thanksgiving was a blast. We made a bunch of cookies for the people we visit and got to volunteer busing tables at a thanksgiving dinner a local club was putting on. The people loved us and the owner of the club wanted to put us in the paper! It was a ton of fun and we got to talk to a TON of people in the city and earn trust with the community. Most of them now love the Mormon missionaries.

We had a lesson with Vanessa, a 21 year old less active, this week. She has been suffering with severe addictions since she was 12, and recently hit the lowest point she has ever been. She felt like their was no hope and no way out. She told us she had lost her faith. Her favorite Chapter is Alma 32, which talks about faith being like a seed that must be nourished. We talked about that and had a really powerful talk. I read her a part of Bri's email when she told me she was going to get baptized and she cried. They come from similar back grounds and had similar conversions, and that email gave her a lot of hope. Thank you Bri. 

Yesterday, we get a text from Vanessa:

"I had a very strange dream about you guys. I was in a new home and I was scared and Elder Wheat came to the door and handed me seed on a plate like the one you brought the cookies on. It was a tiny seed I could hardly squint and see it. He said, "Let it go to ruins, and you shall be hungry. Feed it over you, and you shall never starve." I looked at the seed, and when I saw, it got bigger. I woke up feeling the spirit and wasn't afraid anymore."

How crazy is that??? Man the Lord knows how to work with her! I hope and pray that this is a turning point in her life!

I felt like I was in a rut for a few weeks, but I have noticed that after every rut I endure on my mission is followed but a slew of miracles like we saw this week. Never did I ever dream 10 months ago, that I would be experiencing the things I do. I cannot write the smallest part of my feelings and experiences, but they will forever change me. I am forever grateful to be a missionary. 


Elder Wheat

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