Thursday, October 30, 2014

I have a fine new son! 10/27/14

This week has been one of the funnest weeks of my whole mission!! 

I got to spend Monday-Wednesday with these super awesome missionaries named Elder Hess and Elder Wheelwright. Elder Hess is probably now my favorite missionary in the mission. We are so much alike its ridiculous. We didn't have a car while I was there, so we walked and knock for two days straight, from 11 am to 6 pm. My legs felt like Jello afterward, but we seriously had 2 of the funnest days of my mission! 

But without further adieu, my new companions name is Elder Cade Johnson! He is such a champ!! He is from Saratoga Springs Utah, loves sports, and came ready to work. He looks a lot like Kevin Francom. Its weird haha He is an answer to prayers. He felt a lot like I did when I got into the mission. He was absolutely terrified. He hasn't had any experience teaching and very little experience studying the gospel, but he is picking it up fast. It touches my heart every night to see him studying his scriptures in his free time. And he was in the Isaiah chapters, so even more bonus points to him haha. We are working on just having bear his testimony to everyone we talk to get him in the swing of things, and he is just a stud!!

We only had about 2 and 1/3 days of missionary work in Houghton Lake, so the moment he got home we went straight to work. I took him door knocking right away and we found some really solid people. Miracles are happening in this area like you wouldn't believe. They say its one of the toughest areas in the mission, but we are having people come out of the wood work from all avenues of finding. We already have 6 appointments this week, which feels like more than we had all last transfer... 

It is so much fun to watch him feel the spirit. We got to give his first blessing, and he goes, "Man... That was cool!" I was telling him some of my mission stories and experiences when I was led by the spirit and he goes, "Can I ask a personal question? What does the spirit feel like to you?" I explained the best I could, but the best I could say was, "You will know it when you feel it." 

Yesterday we checked on a potential named Elizabeth, and she didn't answer so we knocked the rest of the street. Upon walking back he goes, "Lets go knock again." This time, Elizabeth answered, and we found out that she really needed us. Her boyfriend is in the hospital and she needs to fix her yard before the city gets involved, so we offered to help and are going back to serve and teach her tomorrow! IT WAS SO COOL! I asked Elder Johnson later that night, "So what did it feel like? Feels like a regular thought doesn't it?" and he says, "Yea, but it feels different..." I was so happy for him!! There is nothing like watching your boy have experiences like that! 

Later on that street, we found an awesome guy named Travis, who wasn't interested at first, but as we taught him about who God is and the purpos of life, he felt the spirit and opened up. He is busy the next three weeks, but is super excited to have us back in 3 weeks to teach his wife and 3 kids. I have come to the conclusion that finding becomes fun when you make it an extension of teaching. When you teach these people restored truths right up front, it allows them to feel the spirit right up front, and almost always results in return appointments no matter who it is. I am so thankful to have the Holy Ghost on our side teaching and touching peoples hearts for me. I know that this work cannot be done without it!

Life is good as always. This is the happiest and most confident I have been in my life. I know that God lives and loves us. The words of a favorite song often describe my feelings, "My God has bled, my soul to save. How can I keep from singing?" 

Elder Wheat 
His first picture of the Lake

Me and Elder Johnson

 Hipster Missionaries

Elder Hess and Wheelwright

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