Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well... I have the impossible privilege of writing about my week. The night before Elder Jeppson gave me a blessing in which he prophesied that the Lord was allowing the adversary to work on me to prepare me for the great work that was about to take place in Lansing. Let me tell you about how that is coming to fruition.

Now... So much has happened in Sarah's progression, that I cant really tell you the whole story, so I just want to quote some messages she sent us this week.

Her significant other was just rushed to the hospital where he almost died. She spent all night there, but the next day sent us a text saying, "I wanted to say with everything going on in my life lately I wanted you to know I made time to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. I enjoyed it... You have no clue but you guys may have saved my life. I'm being honest." Her family has expressed opposition at first, but her previously anti-religion mom is now reading the Book of Mormon and is coming to church when she comes to visit. Her mom was so excited she already picked out a dress. Her daughters come with her every week and her son expressed that he would like to come too. 

She isn't married to the man she is living with, and we haven't taught the law of chastity, and so we wanted to try something. Our commitment to her was going to be to have her pray and ask God one thing she can do to help her prepare for baptism, hoping the spirit would teach her the commandment first. The problem was, before we could extend the commitment, she wrote us saying, "I have another question after everything me and " well my spouse " has been proven our love for each other I want to know after I get baptized I want to take the next step to get married and what do I do ?? Or do you know ??" We talked about it in our next lesson and an hour later we got a text from her saying, "My husband said he wants to go ahead and get married... I told him what you guys said and he said lets do it." I swear we are not doing a single thing... I am first hand watching the Lord change a life, and it is spectacular to watch. No word can express, nor tongue explain how she is progressing and how it feels to witness. My testimony has been so strengthened by her. A few minutes ago, she wrote to me, "I ended up reading to chapter 9 last night could not put it down .. I wanted to read father but my eyes started feeling so heavy ... Hahaha" I love my mission!!!!

Dominick isn't far behind. We moved his date back to June 13, which we all feel good about, but he is so excited about the gospel!! I can't even begin to write about everything that has gone on this week. I haven't even written about our miracle new investigator named Corey. Hopefully I can next week when I have more time. Until then, I want to bear you my testimony that this is the Lords work. I feel like I am not doing a single thing to move it forward, but the Lord is showering his blessings. I love my converts and soon to be converts more than anything in this world. I love you all and thank you for your prayers!!

Elder Wheat

That awkward moment when you photo bomb your companions epic nature shot.
Check out this toast Elder Alley made me! What a guy!

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