Monday, December 15, 2014


So who wants to hear about the greatest week of my mission? 

Let me just get started. 

Last Sunday, we were checking on a referral (which I will get to later) that wasn't home. We had planned to knock that street as a back up, but without thinking, we drove away. We got about halfway home before I thought, "We need to go back." Right across the street from the referral we got let into a house with a woman named Sharon. We later found out that she had seen us walk by her house many times and always wondered why we never knocked on her door. She was just about to go into her back room and pray and cry when we knocked on her door. We got to teach her on Tuesday and had a great lesson, and she got really emotional when she prayed. 

Thursday, we taught the Plan of Salvation to an investigator named Maurice. We found out that he had 2 daughters pass away. We got to teach about the Eternal Families, and at the end of the lesson, he says, "I wish it wouldn't have taken me 70 years to learn all of this." It was a very sweet lesson!!

Later in the day we knocked on a potential named Amber Cowarts door, and were let right in. Her and her husband both adore God, but don't know a whole lot about him. We taught them the restoration and they LOVED it. Dwayne (the husband) said, "I used to say that it doesn't matter what church you go to as long as you believe, but now I realized that wasn't right." They have 3 awesome daughters, Destiny (17), Oriana (12) and Hope (9). The last two a major fire balls and are so much fun. They are so solid, probably one of the most prepared I have ever taught. 

That night, we went over to Steve Harmon's house to teach his new girlfriend who just moved in. She believes in God, but not organized religion, because there are so many divisions, which is wonderful because we teach why. We had a great lesson with her and she is very interested and excited. Steve even helped us teach about how we got the Book of Mormon.They both committed to be baptized when they get married! They also have the most adorable kids, Kelsey (12) and Xander (7).

Saturday we taught Ramon again. We had a great lesson on the Priesthood and Baptism, and he got rather emotional when we talked about redemption (which was unusual because he looks like a Russian Spy. Shout out to Elder Farmer!). It was a very cool lesson. 

Now back to the media referral. Her name is Donna Bryant. She was referred back in July, but the mission Secretary felt she should send it to us again. We actually contacted her at Taco Bell at all places where she works as a manager. She lived in Layton Utah for years, and was very involved with the church out there, though she never joined. She has lived here 6 years with her husband and knew something was missing in her live, and when she found out there was a church here, she found out what it was. She went on and on about how much she loved and wanted to be involved in the church. We taught the restoration and she immediately accepted the invitation to be baptized. She looked very familiar, but Elder Johnson and I concluded that we met in the preexistence. Oh man!

Now let me get into the fun part: Saturday was our branch christmas party. The branch was expecting a small game night, but investigators kept piling in all night. In all we had 41 in attendance and 17 were investigators... The branch could not have been more excited. We had a great night! Elder Johnson and I were running around like crazy to keep everyone happy and entertained. It felt like treats at the wheats. We had a ton of kids there (and only about 3 were members) and they all go to the same school. It seems all of our investigators have some connection to someone in the branch. It was a total miracle!

But it doesn't stop there. I guess the investigators liked the party, because Sunday at church, our branch went from 21 last week to 43 this week, and 11 were investigators. We literally ran out of room... I could not believe it. Sharon, the Cowarts, the Harmons, Will, Ramon, and Elizabeth all came. I got to teach Gospel Principles and we had a great discussion with everyone about how life is all about progression. I closed by saying "I am so thankful they Savior never stopped knocking on my door." After the prayer, Sharon looks up at me and goes, "and thank you for knocking on my door." Amber Cowart chimed in and said "yes! thank you so much!" It was such a sweet experience. They all loved it and want to come back. For the first time in at least a year, we had a primary, young mens, and young womens class in the branch. What miracles... 

If you have read this long, thank you, but I just can't describe in all these words the feelings that fill my heart. This area is almost literally on fire. I hope and pray with all my heart that these families will progress and eventually be sealed. Sister Herlin, the Branch Presidents wife is going to Call the mission president and ask if I can stay another transfer. I am praying for it as well. I am in love with Houghton Lake and filled with gratitude to be able to be apart of the marvelous work happening here. 

Elder Wheat

The Branch party!

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