Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Work Rolls On 07/01/14

Oh man! How do I even begin to write about this week! It has been miraculous. Let me just write about Tuesday. Lets begin with a little back story. This last week, we set special goals for new investigators, and I wanted to really focus on inviting people to be baptized. 

So anyways, Tuesday. 

Remember Yasmine from last week? We went back to see her. I thought for sure that we were going to get stood up, but she was on the porch waiting for us. We started teaching the Restoration and it was going very well. Elder Erekson is a very simple teacher which was wonderful in this lesson. At the end, we were testifying to her that if she were to read and pray about this, she would know that it is true. She says, "I feel like I already do. I have this tingly feeling I can't really describe. Its like that feeling when you pray." I was screaming inside. Just saying. 

Next we door knocked into this 20 year old kid who was helping a friend move. He invited us in to talk for a few minutes. From the moment we sat down, he started firing off questions. We had a really good talk, and it concluded by him saying, "I have been studying the New Testament, and I just feel like the church had so much fire then, so much stuff happened. I wonder why it's not like that anymore." I was like Dude, you have no idea. Unfortunately, he doesn't live in our area, so we had to refer him to the Elders in the next ward.

Later that evening, we were trying to find a place to go, and the name of a potential investigator, named Patricia popped into my head. We stopped in, and she invited us right in. She is from Mexico, and she invited her 13 year old granddaughter Anna to come sit in. We taught them the Restoration, and I will never their faces. They were nearly in tears. Anna jumped at the idea of reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. They immediately accepted the invitation to be baptized. They came to church on Sunday, and it was the most stressful 3 hours of my life! I am just holding out faith that the Lord will continue to work on them as we do. 

Upon leaving their house, we talked to an awesome lady waiting for the bus, and picked her up as an investigator later in the week. 

In total, we found 5 new investigators, and put 3 on date to be baptized. We are seeing absolute miracles!!!!! 

Just an update on the area. It is getting really hot and humid. It is GREAT!! Being a trainer is tough though. I am learning as a go, and I pray that Elder Erekson will too!! The Lord is so good to us! I know that he lives, and this is his church! Hurrah for Israel!!!

Elder Wheat

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