Monday, July 14, 2014

I have grown older today 07/14/14

Every time I think I won't have any more crazy stories, I end up having one....

We received a referral from the sisters for a woman named Cynthia, who had just lost her son to what was believed to be an overdose. She has been having a crazy few weeks. Her mom just died, her son just died, and her other son was shot 5 times last week... We went with Brother Banner (coolest old man in Michigan) to go see her a few days ago. She was distraught, and rightfully so. She has been desperately trying to find answers from God and hadn't been getting anything. The whole time she was talking to us, I was thinking, how on earth are we going to help her. She mentioned that she just wanted direction. She said that she was feeling a spirit come accross the room every night. She couldn't sleep at all and she was just going crazy. The thought came that we should give her a blessing. I was asked to offer it. In the blessing, I felt very prompted to say, "I command any spirits that wish to do you harm to depart." 
After the blessing, she exclaimed, "Why did you say that??" I said, "you know, I am not sure..." She said, "Every night I see a black spirit come across the room from the head of the couch where I sleep down..." We talked a little bit more about how the atonement can help us find relief, and we left. She was smiling when we left, and she said she felt way better.

On the ride home, Brother Banner said, "Gentlemen, we've gotten older today." He was right. Just this week, we taught a man who sold drugs and been in and out of jail until a few years ago. He was 65 (and super solid by the way). We gave a blessing to a recent converts sister who was suffering from a health issue that could kill her any minute. This is a crazy world. I have seen things I never thought I would see. I have no idea how these people do it. My goodness.

It has been an awesome week nonetheless. We are being so blessed. We have found 10 new investigators in the last 3 weeks, and I swear the Lord has been guiding every step. We pray to know where to go, and a few minutes later, we are led to exactly where we need to be. If only I could write about the experiences from this week alone.  I know that the Lord is going before our faces and leading the way.

We got to meet the new mission president this week! President Jacobsen is definitely a coach. He compared the hastening of the work to the no huddle offense. We now run the spread in the Michigan Lansing Mission. Yea... I am going to love this guy haha Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It meant so much to me you have no idea!

I have said it before and I don't think I will ever stop, but I know that this work is true. Joseph Smith really was a prophet. Every time I tell or hear the restoration story, the air in the room changes. I know that he saw what he said he saw. I know most of all that Jesus is the Christ. He is changing me. I feel like a totally different person than when I came out. His atonement changes lives. Even if my mission doesn't change anyone in Michigan, every second has been worth it, because it is changing me. He Lives. None of us ever has reason to despair because of him. I know of my own strength I can do nothing, but we can do anything, because of him.

This cat doesn't like anyone btw... Except me... I don't know why

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