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Trust the Midas Touch 5/19/14

So we went to get an oil change at Midas. After 2 hours of waiting, and no one to contact outside, the car was finally done and we went up to pay. The head mechanic at the desk began asking us questions. He began by saying, " I have a lot of questions," and I said, "Good, because we have a lot of answers," and we went forward. After awhile, he said, "I have a lot of unanswerable questions too," and we said, "try us." I have never met a more sincere and curious man. He had been questioning his beliefs for a long time, and here we came walking in the door. He had been wondering about these things forever and no one could answer them. We had an answer for every question he had. We taught him the restoration, and he said, "where can I get a Book of Mormon?" We gave him one, and he was so excited to read it. He expressed that it was the first hope he had had in a long time for his wavering faith. I swear that the gospel became truer the longer we talked. We stayed well after closing. It was one of the most powerful lessons on my mission and it was taught over the front desk at Midas.

Earlier that day we visited a super awesome less active black lady named Beth Heard. We read the Tree of Life with her, and explained and applied it to her verse by verse. We applied the partaking of the fruit to her baptism, and I testified to her that the only way we can remember what the fruit tastes like is to keep taking it through study, prayer, and the sacrament. She looked at me funny and said, "what is your name?" I told her. She said, "Elder Wheat, you were right on time." She started to tear up as she told us she could hear Jesus speaking through us. It was a very cool experience. I am not sure what was said or what she heard that she needed, but all I know is, it was "right on time." I will always remember that. "Lord, you are always right on time."

The last story was a media referral we got on Thursday. Her name is Sydney McVoy. She is 80 years old, but has the energy of a 25 year old, and the sense of humor of a 17 year old. MAN she is awesome. Her son is a member in Arizona who just so happened to be married to Walt Disney's granddaughter, also a member. She had gone through 5 sets of missionaries, but hasn't met with them in 17 years. She is a "heavy smoker and drinker" and she kind of sounds like one of those heavy smoker woman from Brooklyn. We met with her twice this week and she is awesome. She is a "devout Catholic" who ADORES the church. She went on and on about how much she loves Captain Moroni and how she has read every Mormon book ever haha. She loves Joseph Smith as well. I asked her if she believes the church is true, and she basically said, "Well duh." She said she almost got baptized 5 years ago, but backed out because she believes in one baptism, which she had in the Catholic church. She expressed she is very happy in her faith and that she would be a challenge. 

As we walked out the door, she said, "Aren't you going to bless me?" We were a little dumbfounded and said, "If you want!" She said "How else am I going to have my heart opened to the Book of Mormon and to quit smoking." We were like "Who is this lady?" She came to church and had an awesome experience. Turns out, she skipped mass to come... We had a very powerful lesson on Sunday on authority. She is so close it is not even funny. We had a major breakthrough in which her concern she had for 10 years is finally being resolved. I told her the plastic pearls story, and promised her that the Lord has a brand new string of new pearls waiting for her on her baptism day. She started crying, and she said, "I can tell you have those. I can see it in your eyes." She expressed that she wanted those as well. She has been searching for a long time, and I think she it is finally coming to an end. It will take some time for her to study things out, but she will get there :)

We have taught lessons this week on the front steps, over a front desk, and in GNC. It has been a very different week, but it has been awesome. 

Elder Bell and I are getting along wonderfully. We became instant best friends within a few days. Elder Koefed is doing great, and is definitely teaching me patience. Our district leader, Elder Adams, is such a great guy and he, Elder Bell, and I are like the 3 amigos. I am so sad they are both going home. I am learning so much here in Grand Rapids, especially about what kind of missionary I want to be. I have really come to appreciate the gospel, and what it means to be obedient.

Thank you for all the love and prayers! I love you all!

Elder Wheat

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