Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 4 2/24/14


I am starting to think Sarah Ford must have walked on water here. Everyone I have talked to about her thinks that she has never sinned. President Hess said in a meeting with the AP's, and I quote, "the only thing we have to worry about with sister ford is that she might get translated before the next transfer." When I tell people that I am her cousin, I think they expect me to have a halo and a flaming sword, and you can imagine there disappointment when they just get me. haha

This week has been incredible and SO much has happened. Tuesday was Zone Conference and learned a ton. One thing I've been doing is working on sanctifying myself further so that the spirit can testify more powerfully as I teach. I fasted and made a list of all the things I need to improve on and am staying away from all of those things and we can already see the effects. 

We actually picked up a couple investigators while tracting of all things. We knocked into this foster family, and they were super open to learn more. They are parents to about 50 boys, and I am praying that we see success with this family. We have been teaching this older lady named Yevonne, who is basically the black grandma I never had. She has been investigating for about 2 years and we got her to pray about baptism on March 22. I am really hoping and praying that that works out!

We were sitting in the church parking lot waiting for an appointment who never showed, and so we decided to go knocking doors. We knocked about 10 houses and NO ONE was home on the whole street so we had to find something else to do. We decided to just start calling people we didn't recognize in our phone and so far we have gotten 5 appointments for this week with potential investigators. Now instead of listening to music in the car, we just call people ahah It was super awkward at first but now it is actually really fun. This allows us to always have our line in the water, and it is awesome how the lord blesses you when you do all that you can. We knocked on one door and we asked if she had a faith in Christ and she said,"NOT TODAY!"
 Elder Yates says,"Aw man... What about yesterday?" She said "You need to get off my porch" We smiled and said "Ok!" and she slammed the door. It was AWESOME!

We have been visiting a ton of less actives and are seeing good success. We got 4 less actives to come to church yesterday, and have picked up a new investigator from one of them! Our goal with every person we talk to is just to make them feel awesome. We visit people and listen to there stories, and within 20 minutes, I am filled with love for them!! I now know what it means to desire someones salvation, and the thought that any of these people should live with out the gospel scares and upsets me. I've noticed that the more we listen, the more they trust us. They more they trust us, the more willing they are to listen to our message.

We visited a less active yesterday named Sharla. She hasn't been to church because of some personal trials, but this lady is awesome and has some wicked spiritual gifts. She receives revelation through VISIONS!! She was telling us her conversion story and it was almost unreal!! Three times she prayed for guidance in her life, and every time,she had a crazy dream and the missionaries knocked on her door the next day! Her husband isn't a member and we are hoping that we get to teach him. Apparently she is an incredible cook, and she makes incredible mexican and indian food, and my stomach growls just thinking about it.

The lord is working miracles in our life everyday. Everyday is incredibly hard, but I always go to bed happy. I have found that my only bad days will be days that I didn't give my all to the service of my God. I can do nothing without him, and if you don't believe that just try serving a mission!!

I love you all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for me!

Elder Wheat

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