Saturday, February 8, 2014


Its been a crazy roller coaster week here at the MTC, but I have learned a ton!

Well first things first, I got the bag and the cookies, as well as some donuts from Charlene so thank you very much!! Please tell her thank you so much! Unfortunately I sprained my ankle playing basketball so I was on crutches for a few days but no worries! Im pretty much all better but its still got some pretty colors on it from the bruising haha. Elder Giar and I were called as zone leaders which has been a major blessing. We serve in the same zone as the ASL missionaries, and they taught me the missionary purpose in sign language! I am getting pretty good at it! My branch presidency is absolutely unbelievable, and my district is unreal. The spirit has been so strong especially these last few days. 

We have been teaching 2 investigators, which in reality are glorified role plays. I learned that the spirit will not be there to help you teach if you have not prepared in the best way that you could have. We have had a couple poor lessons but its been good to know that this is practice. I feel like I'm becoming more sensitive to the spirit with every lesson I teach. Earlier in the week, we were teaching a guy named Nick, who is a really hard nosed military guy. Normally, he does't open up to elders, but we started talking about working out and he opened right up for us. The lessons we teach him go really well, but afterwards he starts attacking all organized religion, calling it pointless and hypocritical. He pulls out all these stats about the members of the church to make us look evil.No matter how many scriptures we used, or how much he testified, nothing worked. Everything he would say to us would stick in my mind, and it honestly led me to doubt. It was a major struggle, but with the help of my teachers, Ive made it through and my testimony of this Gospel is stronger than ever!

I never new what charity was until I came here, but after all these experience, it hurts me to think that people will reject this message, because they are rejecting true peace, freedom, and joy. How blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives!! I have seen the power of grace and the spirit change the hearts and attitudes of Elder Giar and I! 

I love you guys so much. The general authority devotional given by Elder Evans was on eternal families, and it brought so much peace to know that we can be together forever! This is a great place and a great work, and I look forward to bringing it to the people of Michigan!

Love you! 
Elder Wheat

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