Monday, September 28, 2015

I have a new son!! 9/28/15

So, once again, my time is way short, but I need to tell you about my son!! His name is Elder Clay Cornelison. He is 18 from Twin Falls Idaho and is about 6'4 250. He is HUGE!! He was a stud Pitcher in High School and unfortunately doesn't like BYU in favor of USC. We have a little rivalry going. I have been so blessed with great companions. The man works like a horse and I am loving every second. Its going to be a great couple transfers.
As far as the week goes, all I did was walk and knock haha We have seen a good balance from the very friendly to the incredibly anti and everything in between. Gotta love serving in the Ant Capital of the world!! We found our first investigator named Mike yesterday who is a pretty cool story. He is 77 and when I met him, I didn't feel like he was all there. He invited us back, and I figured it was worth a shot. At the very least, it would be good practice for Elder Cornelison to teach. Well I was wrong. He not only understood what he taught, but was very emotional with the idea that he could be with his family forever. He asked "Who told you to come here?" We said God, and he was amazed by that. He kept saying, "You mean no one but the Lord sent you here?" I am pretty excited about him!! It is going to be a great week here in Grand Rapids!! Good to be back in my 2nd of 5 Michigan homes.
Elder Wheat

 Elder Cornelison

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