Sunday, September 14, 2014


I am being transferred to Houghton Lake, Michigan and will be serving with Elder Campbell. It is a tiny rural town in North Central Michigan and has a branch of about 30 active members. MAN am I excited!! Transfers has to be my least favorite part of the work. I just fall in love with the areas and people I serve. This one was extremely difficult to leave. I have given my heart and soul to Grand Rapids these last 4 months and it brings me so much joy to see how well the work is progressing there. It is exploding. I have learned so much in that city, and I feel like being here has helped me become a better man. They say if it is hard to leave, you did it right, which is comforting, but doesn't make it any easier.
The area is being left in good hands. Elder Erekson is a stud and my replacement Elder Elmer is a saint. I am so excited to see what they will do!! Our top investigator Fred is the greatest. He drinks coffee every morning, but when we taught him the word of wisdom, he not only accepted it, but he handed us 2 brand new coffee makers and pots, all his coffee, all his sweetner, and all other coffee paraphernalia and told us to throw it away for him. I was nervous of how he would take it all, but the man is truly elect. I am really going to miss him... Irene and fam is still great, but they have bed bugs... and I saw one on the couch haha I don't think I stopped itching the rest of the night. So paranoid. They are still coming to church and are doing well!
I unfortunately don't have much time today, but I just want to share how wonderful it is to be a missionary. I have never been happier. I have never felt so close to the Lord and I have never been filled with so much love. He is changing my heart and I never want to leave his side again. I am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice which allows each of us to grow. True happiness and purpose is found in the service of the Lord! I testify that that is true! Love you all!
Elder Wheat

The District

Irene and Family

Brother Goates! He is one of 3 men that has become like a father to me.

Ethan Valentine, one of our miracle investigators

Bro Krieg! The man is a genius. The assistant ward mission leader.

Mike Nelson! Just moved in from Riverside, and is getting his masters in Speech therapy. He comes out with us a lot! Love this guy!

This cane belonged to Lorenzo Snow, 5th prophet in these last days.

So did this Book of Mormon

The Raue's. I love this family. They have taught me more than anyone. They go through so much and are always able to smile!

The Family reunion!

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