Saturday, September 20, 2014


I am safe and sound in Houghton Lake! This area is awesome! The branch had about 15 members at church yesterday, way different from my last area. The lake is beautiful and the town is small. It literally revolves around the lake. It is a summer tourist town, so the population is sinking as the temperatures do. It is very rainy and the thermometer is settling pretty consistently in the 40s. Gotta love North Michigan! I knocked my first dirt/mud road the other day. This place is great! haha We are pretty much starting over with the investigators here. We do a lot of tracting, but things are looking up! Elder Campbell and I are getting along great! Our personalities are very different, but man am I loving him! 

This week has shown me how much the Lord has helped me grow on my mission. It doesn't matter how cold, how wet, or how many people say no, I am just happy. We have had some awesome experiences this week. I don't think I have ever had more spiritually charged lessons than we've had this week! We have been able to help a lot of less active members find hope this week. I feel like I relate to a lot of the people here.

We don't really have any progressing investigators, and so we have been pleading to find those who are prepared. There are a lot of people here that are "all set" with their faith. They know god is there, but that is about it... and they don't want to get much closer. We met a guy who told us to "go tell your pastor that you found a lost soul" I asked, "well do you want to be found?" and he goes, "No sir." haha But I do want to tell 2 stories from the week that illustrate how thankful I am to know the Lord is guiding us. 

We were knocking down a dirt country road wayyyyy out in the forest in the middle of nowhere. We knocked for about 2 hours and got back to the car when we felt to go a little farther. We went for about another half hour and nothing happened. We went back to the car and I had a thought to go check on a man we had tried earlier, but he wasn't home. We pull up and there was a woman in the down stairs door way. We started talking to her and she opened up to us a little bit. She expressed that she was angry with God because her dad, who was her everything, died. She concluded that we just live to die. She was just looking for answers. She was actually just leaving when we walked up. We expressed to her that we could help know the purpose of life and why and why and where her dad was. She invited us back this Thursday and I am praying that things go well. She was a miracle find. 

The coolest story was yesterday. We were driving down the main road next to the lake and I mentioned to Elder Campbell that we needed to take a picture next to the lake later. He said that there was a spot at the end of our street that we could do it at. The next part happened very fast. We are running low on miles this month and the person we were going really far away so I suggested we go somewhere else. Soon after Elder Campbell pulled into a park looking over the lake and suggested we just do the picture here and now. We saw a guy (his name is Joe) and we asked if he would take a picture for us. He looks at our tags, and goes, "Oh my goodness, I am seeing all kinds of messages from God lately. You guys gotta here this." He tells us that he found God in prison. He was just recently released two days ago and he had no money and nowhere to live. His boss then offered a place to live and he immediately found a job. He started going to church and was praying that he could see his son, and in walks his son. He says "and now I am talking to two guys that represent Jesus Christ. This is crazy." We told him who we were and what we do and he goes, "can I give you my number and call me and we will set something up?" Yes Joe, yes you can. I don't understand how that happened. Everything just fell into place so beautifully. The Lord knows what he is doing.

Yesterday, we were door knocking and I looked at Elder Campbell and said, "Elder, Isn't life great? Like, We have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ at our fingertips. We know exactly what it takes to receive exaltation. Isn't it great??" The next door we knocked on was like all the others. They said no. Walking down the steps, I said, "hey Elder guess what... WE STILL HAVE THE FULLNESS OF THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL!" Who cares if people say no? That should only hurt us because it ultimately hurts them. But we have every reason to be happy. Maybe thats why I am so happy... I guess the secret is looking up to God, rather than sideways to man. I feel that discouragement is a result of putting our hope in something other than God. What are we to hope for? A game? A job? A grade? A paycheck? No. We are to hope that through the atonement of Christ, everything will be made ok (Moroni 7:41). When our hope is in the Savior, we never need be discouraged, for everything will be ok in the eternities because of him. There are no endings or lasting heart breaks because of the One who took it all on himself. Because of him, we never need to be discouraged! We have every reason to rejoice! He lives! Let us look to Christ and live!!!

With all my love,
Elder Wheat

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