Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good Lookin' Missionaries 05/12/14

So we were walking through downtown Grand Rapids going to an appointment. As we were walking into the building, this young black woman shouts out, "DANG! Yall some good looking missionaries! What church you go to?? Im going to have to start going there!!" We started talking to her for awhile, but things kind of got strange when she started asking us about our chastity. We just gave her a card and took off. The weirder part is something like that happened a couple of times this week... I guess that's what happens when you serve with Elder Bell and Elder Kofoed.

The week took some adjusting, being in a new area and all. It felt like my first week all over again. The area is much different. The city is HUGE and a lot of the houses are mansions from the 1870s. It is pretty sweet. We did a lot more tracting this week, but I had a great time. My companions are awesome! Elder Bell plays football for Utah, is from Huntington Beach, and is super funny. Out personalities are identical, so we get along super well. Unfortunately, he goes home in 3 weeks and he is just a little trunky. Elder Koefed is a awesome guy. He is mildly autistic, and I love him! He is really a funny guy, except when he is shooting me with nerf guns... 

The week was a little slower as far as the work goes, but there was one experience I wanted to share. We knocked on this mans door, and he came around from the back. The introduced ourselves and asked him if he had a faith in Christ. He said "sometimes. It is up and down." We talked for a while and he invited us to sit down on the steps with him. We talked about his shaking faith, and read Alma 32 with him and testified how faith in Christ is the anchor when the waves of life roll through. He began telling about his alcoholism, and how miserable he was. We read some scriptures on the atonement, and testified of the Savior's love for him. He started crying and said, "I could have blown you guys off, but something told me I shouldn't." He was mentioned he was thinking about religion quite a bit that day when we came knocking. Coincidence? I think not. 

Talking on the phone with my family this week was awesome, but I realized I am not very good at adequately describing the experiences I am having. Missionary experiences are something that cannot be adequately shared, only experienced. There are no words to describe witnessing conversion. The emotion, love, and changes that the person and the missionary undergo in the process of conversion are indescribable. I wish I could convey the feelings of being on a mission, but they are often to sacred to express. They are just something you have to experience, and I thank the Lord everyday that I get to. I am so thankful to be a missionary. There are no words for the experiences and changes I have witnessed and undergone. All I know is the Gospel is true. Jesus Christ is its Author. He is our Savior and Redeemer. The bread of life and the Prince of Peace. But the truthfulness of this gospel cannot be explained, only experienced, and I invite the whole world experience it for themselves.

Elder Wheat

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