Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Considered The Lillies... Again 04/28/14


This last Friday, we had another super crazy day, and got called over to Kalamazoo for Elder Yates to perform a baptism interview and we didn't have time to eat. We had an appointment with a super awesome couple named Ken and Courtney at 5, and we walked in and sat down on their couch. They told us to come into the kitchen, where we found the table was set for us to eat with them. She had worked all day to make us Pot Roast and potatoes, and it tasted so good! Just like mom used to make! They are the coolest people in the world!!! We taught them about Prayer and the nature of God, because she has absolutely 0 Christian background. She is super fun to teach though! They are progressing slowly but surely!

On Monday, Elder Yates came up with the brilliant idea to shop at 6:30 in the morning so we can work out in the afternoon for longer. It was great! We also got to finally play ball again, and I didn't sprain an ankle or tear an ACL so that's a good sign. 

I came to the conclusion that Noah is just not supposed to get baptized yet. We hit another road block when his grandma called and said that her and his parents didn't want him to get baptized because of his temper, which isn't totally his fault because he is bi-polar. We had a super powerful lesson that night on the atonement, and made a list of things to do, such as family prayer, study, and saying "I love you", that there family HAD to do before they could go to bed. It has been going very well, and there hearts were softened. His parents are very bitter against the church, and they too are praying with Noah! He has been doing so good! We were good to go for baptism, and then bishop said no because he feels that Noah isn't ready. That was a very humbling experience for me. At first I was angry at him, and then I was mad at Elder Yates because he wound up taking Bishop's side without even talking to me about it. But then I realized how many road blocks we have hit with this, and I realized that they were right. Noah will get baptized, it just may be longer than he or I want. I love that kid though. He really is so sincere.

Carenda continues to be solid. She is moving forward, and at Church, she came up to us and said, "I hope you are ready for lots of questions." and we said of course! She also told us that she was reading in Jacob and said she is really starting to believe all this! She is so awesome! The Book of Mormon Rocks! Church is true.

Simone is still awesome as always. She still hasn't read, but she is always like, "I know I need to do it! I know that I need to put God first!" In her prayer she said, "I know that I need to put you first in my life, and it took these two to come to my door to help me realize it, and I thank you for them." That really hit me, and also helped me to realize I am actually helping people. I am so thankful for the converting power of the Gospel. She is so gold!

Meeting with Terry has made me very thankful for the atonement in my life. He is so bitter and closed off, that I don't think he hears a word we say. When people are blind with anger, they begin to go deaf as well, but they sure are able to speak. I don't think I have met anyone who can talk for 45 minutes without a breath until I came to Michigan. It is a talent. We managed to move a baby step forward, and he says it is a miracle that he is even let us come over and that he came to church. I love that man to death, and it kills me to see him so hopeless, but I know that he is never to far gone for the savior.

We didn't have to many interesting door knocking stories except for this one guy who said that he hoped we find the truth one day because "Mormons don't believe Jesus is the Son of God." Really. I have been a member my whole life, and I had no idea! I wish that he would have been open enough for me to bear my testimony to him, For I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

I am nervous about transfers this week, and I am going to be really bummed out if I lose Elder Yates. He is a great missionary and a great man! I couldn't have asked for a better trainer! 

It is crazy to know how good the Lord has been to me when I feel like I don't deserve it. He really does love all of his children. No one is too far gone to feel his love.

Elder Wheat

The Growth spurt of Elder Yates. Pay no attention to the fact that Brother Wilson (The ward mission leader) and I are matching.

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