Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So funny story. 

We had a dinner appointment with a man in the ward whose wife is Russian. We were eating something that tasted like squishy pot roast, and the sisters asked what it was. "Cow they said." I was rather suspicious at that. Brother Parks was DYING to tell us what it was but Sister Parks kept saying, "NO LYNN NO!" He said, "I bet you all have never had a steak this tender before!" which I immediately new was a load of garbage because it tasted nothing like steak. I figured out what it was pretty quickly, but the Sisters didn't haha Bro Parks said, "If they want to know what it is, I am going to tell them," and Sister Smith says, "What is it...?" He says, "Cow tongue." I swear to you I could hear the screams of the poor sisters in their heads haha They didn't touch it the rest of the night. They said they weren't hungry because they were, "so spiritually fed." I about died laughing haha. I had two though just to say I did. So now, when people ask, "Whats the weirdest thing you ate on your mission", I can say Cow tongue now. Hooray.
The work has been going very well. Noah is now on date for April 19 for baptism which is also his birthday! I am so stoked for him! He is such a great kid!! He was all bummed out when he found out that Elder Yates and I would eventually leave, but he is definitely one of those kids I want to see when I go home. We taught Simone again, and it went pretty well. She is so much fun to teach! She asks a ton of questions and she is so sincere. We are going to challenge her to baptism this week, so hopefully all goes well! Yevonne is still Yevonne. We tried teaching the purpose of life as simply as we could. At the end, we asked her what her purpose was. She says,"I think God wants me to win the lottery." She was dead serious. I couldn't help but smile. She wants to use the money to help out the people around her which was sweet, but Yevonne is just Yevonne hahah. We met with Grant this week, and I learned a valuable lesson: Not every Investigator needs to hear about baptism every time. We were talking about grace and works, and I remembered the Brad Wilcox quote, "We are not earning heaven, we are learning heaven." I shared that with him, and that hit him very hard. I guess that is what he needed to hear, because he called us later in the week thanking us for that, and says hes been saying it and righting it down every time he struggles.

General conference was so inspired!!!! President Packers testimony hit me really hard, and something President Uchtdorf said has kept running through my head: "Endings are not acceptable to humans because we are made out of the stuff of eternity." I am so grateful to know that there are no endings, only endless beginnings. I am grateful to have a family and parents who are sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. Nothing makes you love your family more than serving a mission. 

Last Sunday, after a youth fireside on missionary work we put on, a 12 year old girl in the ward got up to bear her testimony. She talked about how shes been thinking about it a lot and she wants to serve a mission. She told how awesome it was to see her friend Bailey reading the Book of Mormon. (Remember that girl who's lesson we totally butchered? That's Bailey.) Apparently, she's been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and now her mom wants to read it too!!!!!! She just loved being a missionary. I went up to her after and told her how touched I was by her testimony and I thanked her. I was walking away and she tapped me on the back and said, "Me and Bailey want you to know you are our favorite missionary because you are cool like that." I don't think I have ever gotten a better compliment in my life. I felt very humbled by it. 

Scripture of the week is Matthew 6:34."Take no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof." Life is all about taking things one day at a time. The food we eat today will not sustain us for a week, neither will our study and prayer today provide us with enough strength to protect us from temptation in a week. We must partake of the bread of life DAILY. In addition, we can't be content when we live in tomorrow. Focus on being your best TODAY and tomorrow will take care of itself. 

I know this is the Lord's work and that Christ lives. I really know!

Love Elder Wheat

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