Monday, March 10, 2014


Hello my beloved bretheren!!!

This has been the most humbling week for me. On Saturday I ways able to attend the baptism of Jacques Shipe. I can't describe how different baptisms are as a missionary. I realize now why they are so important. They are a witness unto God that we are willing to follow him, and that we are promising that we will become more like the Savior. I cannot think of a more wonderful promise in all the world. Watching someone else make that covenant has filled me with so much excitement and joy!! It truly is a marvelous work!!!

Miracles of the week:
Tyler is progressing so quickly! Teaching him is almost like teaching a sponge haha he just absorbs everything so quickly and he is just so excited for his baptism on Saturday!! It is so fun to watch the spirit work him and see him change with every lesson that we have! I cannot be more excited for him!

Before we walked out the door on Friday, we specifically prayed that we would find a new family that has been prepared for our message. We had 4 lessons set up and literally every one fell through. We ended up knocking doors for about 5 hours with basically no success. The only person interested in talking was a man who proceeded to try to Bible Bash with us. We felt the spirit leave and so we left too haha. The whole day went somewhat like that until about 7:30 when we got an unexpected text message. It was a referral from Mormon.orgfor a lady named Jazmine. We stopped by her apartment and she was SO excited to see us!!! She has 2 adorable children of 2 and 3 and has been going through all kinds of trials, and is desperate to find out if God is there.She had just been praying for answers when we knocked on the door. We shared a message on heavenly fathers love, and we gave her a blessing of comfort. Afterwards she could not stop smiling, and she just said, "I feel so numb!! Like a weight has been lifted." We left a Book of Mormon with her, and set up a time to meet with her again. They were so prepared for the Gospel. Its cool to see that when people are searching for God, he tends to put the Missionaries in there way. The Lord had answered our humble prayer, and I don't understand why! 

Missionaries have been teaching this guy named Grant for about 2 years and he knows the Gospel is true, he just hasn't gotten an answer about baptism. The reason he hasn't is because he doesn't pray, read, or come to church which is kind of frustrating. In comp study I had a thought as to how he can get his answer. He loves writing poems. He gives us one in every lesson without fail. I had a prompting that he should write a poem about Jesus's baptism, because the spirit works with him through his poetry. Miracle #1 was that he came to church Sunday. He came up to me and expressed how he had been studying Jesus's Baptism in preparation for his poem, and he has gotten a whole new deeper meaning out of that story. He was just amazed at this new knowledge he was getting. I knew he was feeling the spirit. I don't know what it was telling him, but he is feeling it. What enhanced that miracle for me was the the night before, I had been frustrated and prayed to know that I have helped somebody come closer to Christ, and the very next morning, I got my answer.

Funny Story:
We knocked on this older lady's door and she shouted, "Come in!!!" In my head I was saying, "I seriously doubt you'd want us to if you knew who we were!" We opened the door and poked our heads in and saw her sitting on her couch. Before we could even say that we were servants of Jesus Christ, she shouted, "NOPE! Go away! And shut the door!" We said, "Have a nice day!" and closed the door behind us. I felt that it was kind of ironic that I had just slammed the door on myself... I am not sure how I feel about that yet.

It honestly isn't fair how much the Lord has blessed us. I feel more like a spectator than a missionary sometimes. When we show the Lord that we are willing to do all we can, he puts people in your path. I don't even feel like I am doing anything... I don't understand why the Lord is being so good to us. I have realized this week that the Lord can do this work without me, but I cannot do it without hi. It has truly been a humbling experience to watch the Master's hands at work, and it is such a blessing to be a part of it!

Elder Wheat

Jaques Baptism!!!!!!

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